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      hi jeff,
      i am a new pstec user and a new member of this forum luckily:)
      i have been dealing my anxiety memories with pstec CTs succesfully. It's really an emotion eraser.  However, i think  cleaning past memories doesn’t solve or change  my deep seated beliefs or thouhgts about myself such as i am not good enough, i am worthless, i am a looser etc. I erase negative emotions of past memories but at the same time i continue to feel anxious in certain social situations because my beliefs about myself remain unchanged. i simply add new anxiety memories to my notebook at the end of the day So i want to ask whether i should purchase PSTEC level 1 because Tim says on the website that free CTs mainly deal with emotions while PSTEC level 1 is produced for some deep belief change. What should i do? What would you say? Thanks.

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Zakar,

        Well, it appears that the answer along with the question is in your post here.

        Yes, PSTEC Level 1 is highly recommended… I consider it a PSTEC Essential.

        Yes, the Click Tracks (CT) are to help you neutralize the emotions that are attached to a certain aspect of your mind model, such as a memory or imagined event.  And, this is very essential because as you know, when the emotions are high, we seem to be “out of our mind” or practically unconscious and, therefore, no very resourceful… not allowing our Excellent Resources to be at our disposal.

        So, there are two other aspects (or as Tim calls them, the Law of Three when included with emotions… he talks more deeply about this in How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way;  highly recommended as it outlines, in much details how to use the PSTEC Tools for achieving success in almost anything); beliefs and behaviors.

        Beliefs and behaviors can be handled or changed with the use of PSTEC Positive (PP).

        Now, be sure that when you are using PP, that your emotions are low or zero because when the emotions are high, it is difficult at best, or even impossible, to make conscious suggestions (as you can do with PP) that will be accepted by the subconscious.

        In fact a great use of PP is when you are using the CT on an emotional issue that comes up, once the emotion is down to 0-1, then follow up with a PP round after you have crafted a Positive Statement that is related to the issue you were working on with the CT.

        For example, suppose you were doing a CT on being nervous when in a crowd of people at the airport and you use the CT on a memory of being panicky.  Once the emotion is down to 0-1, then craft a Positive Statement (PS), such as:
        “I am calm and peaceful because I move smoothly through the crowd at the airport.”
        (Be sure the PS resonates as Truth to you… in other words customize the statement to your confidence that it is true).

        Then reassess.

        You may feel excellent and ready to get into that crowd…

        … or…

        …something else may come up… maybe another memory or an imagined event of stress in being in a crowd.

        Go back and use the CT on that new event coming up… get it down to 0-1.

        Then follow up once again with the same (or altered) PS with PP.

        Be diligent… not obsessed, but diligent… about not only clearing the attachment to emotions based upon the past, but also about beliefs and behaviors that do not serve your Life's Purpose… beliefs and behaviors that do not give you J.E.E.P. in Life.



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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