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      Hi everyone,

      I just wanted to share my issue and hopefully someone can advise me.
      I believe I have a fear of blushing and blush in certain situations,and i hate it.  i have all the pstec products and have had sessions with two different pstec therapists to try and clear this and try to move on with my life,

      I have studied blushing in detail and from knowledge gained I beleive this is an emotional problem sitting within my sub concious, but I assume from my subs point of view the actual blushing is a soultion.

      I am now at a point where i have tried the click tracks and eef's hundreds of times, on situations: imagined and rememberd situations where I blush, what I think others see and think when I blush, and the actual fear of blushing, i have been trying the find the route and wish to clear it but unfortunatley i have not yet suceeded, but I still have hope, i know two facts: 1. Pstec is awesome and 2. if i am still blushing then my subconcious knows exactly what the problem is and therefore if it created the issue many years ago it must also have the equal power to then be able to remove it.

      Could anyone give me any advice? I know the answer is there somewhere, but now i'm debating if PSTEC is the right tool for this job, as i think  ive cleared blushing issues and think ive had SUCCESS only to then blush again the next day and feels like ive done nothing so now i am debating if i am “feeling the emotions” enough when i CT but this is hard at times so doubt is now coming in and I now question what am I doing wrong? and now begin to procrastinate, so assume this is protection from the sub as it dislikes change?? It feels like a battle going on within my mind about the blushing.

      Any feedback would be amazing, this is has been a massive ball and chain around me for so long so now is the time i must move on, thank you from my heart

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha Blush101 … ok, first off, let's change that username … in other words, stop identifying yourself as “one who blushes” or a “blusher” or anything like that.  :)
        Now, I say that kidding around a bit, but there is also truth in that.  It's not just about the emotions, but about beliefs and behaviors.

        As you said,  “Pstec is awesome” … one of the reasons for this is the manner in which Tim has created the tracks.  One aspect is that he specifically is addressing emotions in one manner and belief and behaviors in another manner.

        So, the comment I made about “not identifying yourself with blushing” is about beliefs as well and the use of PSTEC Positive to shift those.

        In Tim's Blushing Tutorial he talks about how to use PSTEC Positive … and he does emphasize the use of PP for blushing … for blushing issues.

        Have you use PP yet? (In your post you don't talk about PP, beliefs or behaviors)
        Have you checked out Tim's tutorial on Blushing?
        There is also an interview I did with someone regarding their blushing issues… you can find it on this page…


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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