Can I use Positive tracks to install the habit of using my CT everyday?

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    Anita G Baker
    PSTEC User


      I really want to be more disciplined with PSTEC and use it everyday or at least a couple of times a week on an on-going basis to finally rid myself of many, if not all of the negative stuff I've been holding on to for years.

      Is it a good idea to go straight to the positive tracks to 'install' this thought?  Or must I CT away all the reasons why I don't use PSTEC as often as I know I should (if I want to make any real progress that is)?  I think I know the answer already haha!  Any insights would still be welcome.


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Are you ready to access your happy?  ;D
        Here we go…

        Sure, you can use PSTEC Positive (PP) to help you take action on just about anything and it is always helpful.

        Important Note:  Keep in mind not to push to use PP in place of the Click Tracks and the emotional clearing work because PP works best when the emotions are lowered or eliminated.

        Emotional Barriers First

        Imagine doing your PSTEC Click Tracks every day… without fail … for the next 30 days… never miss a day.  What does that look like to you?  How does it feel?  If it's not J.E.E.P. … if it's unpleasant, take that imagined event and TRY HARD to feel that feeling and use the Click Track on it until it's 0-1.  Then, once it's 0-1, follow up with the PP Statement below.

        Here's a PP Sentence that will be helpful:

        “When I wake up in the morning I start out my day with the Click Tracks”

        You may want to “tweak” that a bit to what you feel is more appropriate, but there is a start.

        Be Practical Too

        Where do you begin your day …in the kitchen … in the bathroom … at your desk?  Wherever that may be, place your journal or notebook for PSTEC Work.  Don't have a notebook?  Put that on the grocery list… get a dedicated notebook for your PSTEC Work for notes, memories that pop up, new PP Statements you wish to suggest to your subconscious, etc.

        Place that notebook and your mp3/iPod/CD player; whatever you use to listen to the various Click Tracks; where you begin your day.  Have it ready so you see it first thing.  I have all my various PSTEC Tools on an mp3 player so I can take it anywhere I wish.

        If you need an additional reminder, place your PP Statement, like the one above, on a card in bold printing on top of your notebook and player.

        First Thing in the Morning

        If you like, you can run that PP Statement in the morning before you do your Click Tracks on other emotional issues and then after the PP go into your Click Track work.  But, again, DO NOT use the PP in place of your Click Track or emotional clearing work.

        Once you are in the behavior of doing this regularly, you will know, and the PP Statement will not be necessary any longer.

        Aloha nui!


        Anita G Baker
        PSTEC User

          Hi Jeff

          Yes I am already!

          Aaaah thank you so much, this is brilliant what you've written, so helpful.

          Thanks again

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