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      I've noticed an interesting correlation. It seems to me that every time I use PSTEC Clicktracks on some emotional issues concerning my job, those issues always end up being resolved much better than I expected them to. This is in addition to me feeling personally much better after running the clicktracks. What I am impressed about most is that almost magic-like aspect of issues being taken care of.

      Did someone also notice this?

      PSTEC User

        I have noticed this phenomenon around releasing techniques in general, but I haven't had it happen with PSTEC yet.  It makes sense if you think of the energy of beliefs causing positive ripple effects throughout your life.

        Keep us posted.  I can't contribute much to this, but I would love to hear more about this.

        And congratulations for using the tools to improve your life.

        Paul McCabe
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          Hi DarekKow,

          Great share.

          Thanks for taking the time to post.

          Yes, that is a great way to utilise the Click Tracks. Imagine the very worst things that can happen in a situation, try to hold onto the feelings while you run the track and neutralise it.

          The Click Tracks allow you to “let it all out”, so things tend to show up in a better way or you handle it better (as you had already dealt with it emotionally)

          All the best,

          Paul  :)

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            The pattern continues. Every time I use PSTEC for some work issue, the issue turns out to be not so troublesome after all. It's amazing. I just experienced that once again and that prompted me to share it here. In this case it was a guy who was quite stubborn in his opinion and not so nice over the email. I just met with him and he turned out to be really cool and even flexible too.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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