Concussions / Brain Injuries

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      Would PSTEC Physical be a good purchase for anyone who has suffered from multiple concussions and suffers from memory loss as a result?

      Past memories do come up for me (like crazy) but this is more about groping for words to use in conversations and not being able to recall information that I've just read.  It's very disheartening.  :( :-[ />:(” title=”>:(” class=”bbcode_smiley” /></p><p>The damage is real.  I've seen the CAT scan results.  Also, I'm under the impression that it is degenerative.</p><p>I can circumvent this damage somehow and retrain my brain, can't I?  I do feel scared about this problem and will be click tracking as soon as I send this…</p><p>I own the following PSTEC audios:</p><p>Free<br />Level 1: Success & Positive<br />Accelerator<br />Negative Belief Eraser</p><p>Thank you <img decoding=

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        I'm sorry you are having a hard time but don't listen to the docs when they say you won't get your memory back. I had a head concussion and was told I would only have the intelligence of a 13 yr old. This was completely false my memory came back and I'm very smart have learned many new things I have a degree in Massage Therapy and in the spring of 2015 I will have my Associates Degree in Human Services. The only thing I don't remember is the accident it self.  So your memory and use of words will come back to you. And I know using PSTEC will help you. I hope this helps and just know it does take some time for wounds to heal (even the ones we can't see) but I know with using PSTEC it will be a lot quicker for you.


          Thanks for your answer, Lisa, and glad to know you're excelling with your studies:)

          Still wondering if PSTEC Physical is a sound choice for this particular issue though…  :-

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            Oh I'm not sure about that as I haven't used that one. Have you used the basic tracks on it? And if so how is it working? Also I know once Jeff sees this (he's in Hawaii so because of time difference he gets on later) he will be able to help you and answer your question and tell you what he thinks will work best. He really knows everything there is to know about PSTEC.


              Yes, I was able to get the negative emotions down with PSTEC Free.

              It's a niggling issue though, probably because there is real physical damage, and perhaps that's why it's playing harder on my mind.  I should note that it's kind of exciting to entertain the thought that I could strip away the suggestion (given by the medical community) that it is always degenerative and replace it with my own more positive beliefs.  So that makes me very curious about the PSTEC Physical audio…  :)

              I'm studying the PSTEC Positive & Negative very closely; writing out the instructions in my own words, to help it become second hat.  I want to make absolutely sure that my positive statements are believable to me and that moving between PSTEC Free to PSTEC Negative to PSTEC Positive is seamless.

              Even though my excitement is growing (proof of PSTEC'S efficiency) I can still feel the internal hammer come down on my excitement when I think of doing certain things with my time.  But I've certainly come further than I ever have in my entire life, and in such a short amount of time, so it's likely I'll be going much, much further. 

              Looking forward to learning more about PSTEC Physical.

              Back to the salt mines…

              P.S.  I should add that I've had a low-grade headache every day since August 26, '14 from an accidental hit to the head.  I went to the doctor, but there's not much that was offered to me.  How can I phrase a believable statement when the pain is physically happening? 

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                Yes there is real physical damage but remember our bodies are made to heal and YOU WILL heal it will take time but I bet using PSTEC it will be a lot quicker then it took me to heal from my accident. That's good that you are studying the program so closely but don't forget to use your own intuition and feelings to guide you. Click track that “internal hammer” and don't let it slow you down. Click Track on those “Certain Things” and see if that doesn't make you feel better.
                The headache WILL go away I was the same way after my head injury I had a problem with my balance I would hit my head often to, I was in a coma for a month my whole right side was paralyzed I had to relearn to walk and everything. So I know if I can do it YOU can do it. Keep up with the PSTEC and think POSITIVE. Don't listen to the limiting things the doctors are telling you because you will recover. I know right now you may have a hard time believing it but trust me I went through the exact same thing you are going through. I won't even tell you of embarrassing things I went through at that time but I got through it, without PSTEC, so you have a heads up. You have a great program that is going to help you build more confidence in your self and help you to overcome your limiting beliefs. You can do it!!

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                  Since I'm here for a few days I think I can offer something useful here.

                  Hmmm. Head injuries can be unpleasant as I know from recent personal experience….
                  (Last year I had a serious head injury. I broke the bone behind my right eye and I also cracked the top of my skull)

                  Thank you very much Lisa for pointing out that a medical prognosis is NOT a description of the future.

                  My own GP has told me in person that doctors have absolutely no idea what will happen with any given patient.

                  Whatever the doctor told you will have been based on little more than speculation. Also remember that their other patients will have been told to expect the worst too so if some of their patients didn't do so well it's hardly surpsising.

                  No one should EVER accept negative suggestions about their own levels of recovery. In our personal experience doctors are great at medicine but awful at predictions. We even met one guy in the renal unit who had been told 40 years ago that he would soon need kidney dialysis. He never has.

                  Ignore it.  The human brain is incredibly resilient and also extremely adaptable. Stroke patients regularly recover much or all of any function they may have lost. Take the view that all will be fine and you will almost always get the best possible result.

                  Oh and the physical issues tutorial is probably not one to go for in this instance. PSTEC Positive will do the job every bit as well.


                    Thanks for all the replies and for clarifying that PSTEC Positive is the way to go for this issue.  :)

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                      I'm sorry to hear about your injury Tim that sounded like it was pretty painful. Thank you for clarifying about the physical PSTEC.


                        Lisa & Tim,

                        I had one eye open with my last reply this morning and just wanted to add…

                        Lisa, thank you very much for the exchange yesterday, it was good to talk to someone who could help make sense of the confusion around having an injury like the one discussed.  Not much of a headache today, bty, so that's good. 

                        And Tim, thanks for sharing about your experience.  I hope you're feeling on track these days.  I'm eternally grateful for your perserverance and knowledge.  Showing people how to move forward minus painful reminders of the past is a huge contribution.

                        Thanks again  :)

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