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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Dear Jeff,

      I am constantly listening to the audios, and getting very upset about specific memories which doesn't seem to clear, a fear I have had for years is getting worse since doing the click tracks, I end up with lots of insight into the patterns I have been carrying around, but I am left with a sense of disbelief at how I have run my life, in turn feel powerless and a real sense of fear (disaster) awaits me, the fear is so strong.. is there a way of using specific tracks for feelings/memories, I wonder if I am too general…

      Also I am assuming the click tracks bring old memories/feelings that were hidden?

      Sorry also one other question – how does the subconscious know when we purposely think the thing we dont want using the click tracks and then visualise the things we do?

      sorry for so many questions….I have to resolve this!!!



      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Kim,

        Ok, let's be confused together… and then … we'll walk out of the confusion together as well, ok?
        :- )

        Be careful about quantity vs. quality with PSTEC and anything else for that matter.

        What is important to get the quickest and most effective results is targeting your PSTEC play (work? Nah!).

        So, yes, you must ascertain the issue… segregate the memories and emotions and bit and also prioritize them as you work on them.

        You ask a good question and it's difficult to ascertain, per se, if you are being too general via email, but let's give it a go (this falls into that category of targeting your PSTEC, so it's an important question… well, maybe the answer is more important, yah?).

        The way to use the Click Tracks (CT) for upsetting memories is to focus on two things and two things only during the playing of the audio… those are:
        1. Memories or Imagined Events
        2. Emotions or Feelings

        So, while you focus on those two things above, you also tap along with the clicks and tones in the audio. As far as the language or words from Tim, do not focus on those. Just try as hard as you can to hold onto the memory/imagined event and the emotion/feeling.

        Now, as you do your PSTEC, memories, movies, images, thoughts, videos… yes, all sorts of things will come to mind along with the feelings and emotions. Do the best you can to write them down. So, you may be working on memory A and then other memories come up B, C and D. If they come up while you are doing a CT, then allow those to come through to your focus and continue the CT.

        NEVER dismiss any thought or image that comes up… all communication from the subconscious is important… all of it. Take each and every issue that comes up… they are related… and use the CT on them.

        When the CT is done, make a written note of memories B, C and D. I am assuming you already made a written note of memory A… perhaps you have a PSTEC journal as well, right?

        So, review the original memory A for the rating, 0-10… if there is still some intensity above a 1, run the CT again until it comes down to a 0 or 1. Also, look at memories B, C and D and rate them and work with them using the CT until each one is down to 0-1.

        Each time be as specific as possible in targeting a memory/imagined event and emotion/feeling…always pair the two up.

        Another suggestion the next few times you do a PSTEC session on your own…

        If you have the PSTEC Positive Tracks, use these two statement prior to use of the CT's:

        1) “When I listen to the click tracks I follow the instructions because they are important”
        2) “I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy my life and to do so completely”

        Repeating these a few times before doing anything else may well pay dividends. Of course a genuine intention and desire to do this so as to be happy is important.

        These are very carefully worded and so should be used verbatim.

        So, when it comes to being too general, you will have to give me an example. But, use this guideline… if the memory/imaged event is set in a place and time, it's being specific. Also, be specific about the emotion/feeling… where do you feel it in your body… that's one of the best ways to tune into the feeling and RESPECT the communication the subconscious is sending you.
        Ok, your question…

        “how does the subconscious know when we purposely think the thing we dont want using the click tracks and then visualise the things we do?”

        Don't include thoughts of “I want to get rid of this”… or… “I can't wait to be done with this” … or… “I have to resolve this”… or … anything like those thoughts.

        Just focus on the unpleasant memory while doing the CT and it will be neutralized. When you focus on the issue, Tim is communicating to the subconscious for you and telling it what to do in relation to the memory/emotions you are tuning into. So, there is nothing else for you to do, but focus on the aspects I talked about here.

        When you use the PSTEC Positive Tracks, again, you are then focusing on your desire with the feelings and Tim is talking to your subconscious for you… it's like a team!!

        This is soooooooooooo very plug and play. You just have to focus on the issue and let the audio tracks or Tim do their thing.

        It is quite simple and can be easy when you surrender to the process and to your subconscious. Do not try and take control or demand a certain outcome. This is hard for us because we are conditioned to “grab the bull by the horns” and make our way in Life.

        But, as Tim has even said, and I agree not only conceptually but in my personal experience, this type work does respond well to force of will… .the gentler, the better.

        As a good friend of mind says, “Self Awareness Without Self Kindess Is Self Abuse.”

        Be kind to yourself… you are perfect and worth all that you desire… all that you dream of.

        Let me know if that was helpful.

        Take good care… hugs and aloha!

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