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      A big (probably the biggest) part of the standard CTs and EEFs is connecting and feeling the emotions as 'hard' as you can. In PN there is only maybe one mention of trying to feel the belief, and it is towards the end of the track.

      Should I be trying to feel the belief, while following the other instructions? Or am I just looking at words on a paper and following instructions whether or not I'm feeling particularly emotional about the belief at that time.

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        I can give you a definitive answer on this! :)
        There is absolutely no need to try and feel anything whilst doing PSTEC Negative.

        Just follow the instructions in the user guides exactly as described and you will do fine.
        Besides you'll be kept busy enough as this track plays. It's a challenge but it works and that's always the means by which I judge the usefulness of the tools I create.
        Keep up the good work! I hope this answers your question.
        Kind Regards

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          Hi Tim thanks for answering that question. I was kinda confused on that as well. It is a challenge just following your instructions during the audio but it definitely works and that's all I care about. Quick and simple just the way I like it.

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            Thanks so much Tim! I will definitely have more confidence using the tracks now. 

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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