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      I am a bit confused on what makes a PSTEC Positive or Negative suggestion a good one in regards to food cravings. I could use some examples. I want to have no cravings for cooked food, whereas right now it is hard for me to see someone eating pizza or be on break at work, and there is a box of donuts right in front of me in the breakroom. My goal is to eat 100% raw food. Right now, I usually start out the first couple meals of the day doing just fine, but as work/life stress kicks in, at night usually, I get intense cravings for pizza or burgers. I usually eat to get rid of emotions and I am working on those emotions almost daily with the click tracks, but feel like something is missing.  I got rid of the desire for burgers pretty good with the FAD breaker, now I want to keep working on my cooked food cravings. First of all, I enjoy or crave the feeling of fullness that eating 8 pieces of pizza gives me. I want to eliminate this, not sure how?

      Background: (Skip if you want). Migraines have bothered me since I was 16. For 2 years I lived in Ecuador and only ate processed american food twice. I had zero migraines, Upon return to the states, I had diarrhea after eating chocolate cake and huge fatigue overall. I feel my best when I eat raw and juice. I'm slowly changing to a raw lifestyle hoping to eliminate my digestive, migraine, and fatigue issues. I've been doing 1-2 raw meals a day and 1-2 cooked. But i want to get to zero cooked.

      Is “cravings are gone” or “I hate cooked food” or “resisting cooked food is easy” a good or bad suggestion because it focuses on cravings which I am trying to avoid? Also hate is a negative emotion i don't want to feel. Should I just PN i love feeling full and PP I love feeling hungry? or what. When it comes to cooked food, I want to ignore it mentally not feel disgusted or whatever, I just want to feel no desire when I am presented with it. That way my wife can eat whatever she wants, and keep stuff around the house.

      Also even though I like the concept of staying hydrated, I hate drinking water, have to force myself every time. How can I use PP and PN for this?

      Another factor is that I get weary of turning down others when they offer me cooked food, or if I'm going out to dinner with my wife and she orders, say, nachos, I feel bad for not participating because I think she's not gonna have a good time. Recently we compromised and we will go somewhere I can order a beer and that way, I enjoy myself and she does too. But I'm not sure how to get rid of those feelings. I hate it when people at the supermarket say “Are you feeding a horse cuz that's a lot of carrots!” or, “If you're not careful you might turn into a banana!” I just want to fly under the radar and it annoys the crap out of me those comments. I hate coming up with a comeback and not sure how to eliminate those feelings either.

      What I want to change is, I enjoy feeling “food drunk” once in a while, like once a week, it helps me get my mind off my emotions and feeling overwhelmed by chores at home or the bs at work. I don't abuse alcohol in a similar fashion. I wish I could eliminate the desire to get drunk on food.

      In the winter it is harder for me to resist cooked food because I enjoy the warmth that it provides, whether it be a microwaved burrito at work or a soup. I do have a vitamix so I can make warm soups which are raw but sometimes the convenience gets me.

      I also feel little to no motivation to find and try new raw recipes.

      Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

      Peter Bunyan
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        Hi bodycodehealer

        The first thing that comes into my mind on reading your post is “why do you want to be a raw foodie” not that I have anything against it, it is more that you seem to be in some doubt yourself. Rather than think in terms of “giving up” cooked food you need to focus on all the reasons that it is good for you. Furthermore you need to invest some good feelings with this goal, thinking in terms of how “yummy” this real food is, all the great flavours that you can now appreciate more. This also gives you some way creating Positive statements, “All this raw food tastes great”. The concept of getting back to a healthier digestive issue free past is great, but it is rather an intellectual idea that needs some good feelings behind it for you subconscious to take notice. So what were the good things about food in Ecuador?

        The cravings can be your body saying it needs more of certain macro nutients, more fats or carbs, or it could be withdrawal from sugars. Raw quick fixes for such cravings might be apples and bananas or a handful of nuts (not peanuts). Generally raw foods will be much lower in calories so you can eat as much as you like. The Standard American Diet (SAD) contains a lot of grains particularly wheat. Wheat gluten is well known for producing digestive issues. Bread, cakes, biscuits,pastry, pasta and yes pizza bases all might be the problem. Also these are quickly turned into sugars by your body, they give a quick rise in blood sugar levels so you feel full quickly but it does not last long. So you go back for more!

        Back to PSTEC the best use for Negative might be that “I hate drinking water” a statement like “I believe I hate drinking plain water” or similar might do the trick. As counter statements, you like drinking beer which is mainly water, even the raw foods are mainly water, you need water to live, and more.

        Use the Click Tracks for the stresses that help drive the cravings. The problems with your wife being on a different diet, the jokey comments from others, the overwhelm of too much to do.

        Personally I subscribe to the moderate “Paleo diet” model from Primal Blueprint and Mark Sissons blog . Been on this for a few years now and can almost walk around a supermarket now and not “see” all the junk food on offer and just buy the real food.

        Lots more but I will leave it there for now.

        Paul McCabe
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Hi Bodycodehealer,

          Further to what Peter wrote, I couldn't help but notice that Tim also offers a specialised program for ending food compulsions. It's specifically designed to help people overcome their compulsions for junk food:

          Having not tried this particular program, I can advise that I have used other PSTEC tools to overcome my coffee addiction.

          It's important to note that food addictions operate like a loop. People eat certain foods when they're emotional, but certain foods are packed with addictive ingredients and can heighten a sense of comfort/well-being and that “boost” can be sought all on its own.  So, people eat/drink when they are trying to either avoid an undesired emotion or to simply get the good feeling (comfort, energy etc.) that the food/drink offers.

          Advertisers know all about our triggers, so the less healthy foods are marketed in such a way as to promote their emotional benefits (the Happy Meal). I am yet to see a TV advertisement extolling the virtues of raw food, so most of us are bombarded with images and ideas about fatty, unhealthy food and sugary drinks.

          Also, and I know this from personal experience, but some really positive social interactions and connections take place when unhealthy food and drink is present!

          So, there is an element of emotional conditioning at play here. It's about breaking the loop.

          A few suggestions based on my own experiences.

          1) Get in touch with the feelings you have when you are offered certain foods. Once you do, click track each memory down to 0. Do you feel guilty if you eat certain foods? Do you feel guilty if you say no (maybe look at childhood experiences here: were you told it was rude/wasteful to turn down food? )? What are your feelings about and when consuming each type of food you mentioned? 

          2) With the PSTEC Negative tracks, I'd suggest looking to see if you hold the following. Say each and see if they have any emotional resonance for you (a sure sign you hold the belief)

          – “My belief is that it's bad to refuse food.”

          – “My belief is that it's bad to turn people down.”

          – “Eating unhealthy food helps me connect with people.”

          3) To counter these on the Positive tracks, you could use softer suggestions like “it's ok to turn down food.” To empower yourself even further, suggestions like “I allow myself to make healthy eating choices,” “every day I am getting better,” “I'm inspired to eat the most healthy foods” and “from now on I allow myself to drink and enjoy fresh water” might help.

          The final points I'd like to make would be to look at the other issues food is helping you avoid..You mention housework. It might be a good idea to run the Click Track on the feelings of doing housework. Moreover, the “emotional eating loop” means that it's essential to replace the positive emotional benefits you get from certain foods with other, more healthy activities that produce similar emotional effects.

          Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

          Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

          Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

          Skype, Zoom, in-person & phone sessions available…

          PSTEC User

            Thanks for the replies,

            The food in ecuador, it was fresh, sparkly is what comes to mind as in, more flavor to the fruits and vegetables. I did a PP “Raw is fresh” 1x , “Raw is Sparkly” 1x, “Raw is Exciting”, “Raw is Peace”, and a PN on “Ashamed of Raw”. As for paul's suggestion, I did “Rejecting food is peace” 1x and “Its ok to turn down food” 1x because I need to be at peace with rejecting offers of food each day. When I eat raw there is harmony within, as in, I have 1-2 bowel movements a day, instead of zero to one or one a day only, while taking laxatives. As for justification, I only have to look at my whole entire life. Why do I have crappy health at the young age of 30? It could only have everything to do with being raised in a household with a single mother who did not cook, and eating fast food every day for the better part of 3 decades. The best I ever felt physically in life was when I was juicing carrots every day. So I just started to do that again. My mom always treats raw food with scorn which is why I did the PN on “Ashamed of Raw.” She thinks if I eat lots of fruit I will get diabetes, which is untrue, because the sugar within nature's fruit is completely different to our bodies than the sugar that is processed and refined. At least within my mind, I have been programmed in the past to eat fast food. Unfortunately. The way I know that cooked processed food is bad for me is very simple. within minutes of eating it, I get the sniffles. Also the next day I will wake up feeling horrible if I ate too much cooked food the day before. Sometimes I have been sensitive to cleaning chemicals in the past but that hasn't happened in the past couple years but then again I have been doing a cleaner diet and enough colonics to pretty much make things better. I also go to a naturopath once a year and get my blood looked at under a microscope (its called dark field microscopy, its a live blood analysis) and she said that I have diverticuli last time I went, which is pretty much pockets inside your gut where food rots.

            The food specific program you mentioned Paul, I believe is the one I already have which includes fad breaker. I already used fad breaker on burgers and it took about 5 tries of sitting down in front of the burger and running the track, but I already got rid of one bad thing with it. So i know it works! Just have to do the same thing with burritos, sushi, sandwiches, pizza and I think I'll be golden!

            The reason I am unmotivated I think, is resentment. Over the past 9 years since health has become a real problem for me (reducing the amt of schoolwork I can get done, reducing my work capacity to part-time, causing mental fatigue) I have researched the hell out of massage, chiropractic, herbs, posture pump, chi machine, neuromuscular re-education by levy, acupuncture and energy work including theta, body code and metaphysical anatomy. I am a massage therapist. It angers me that after all that, it all comes down to me – as in, there is nothing I can do but change what I ingest each and every day. And I was raised on fast food, meat every day and almost every meal. So yes there is resentment I wish I could just make this problem go away. I think i resent myself for not handling things differently in the past. I've always believed if there is a problem with my health, *I* must have done something to cause it. The reality is that it took me decades to dig myself into a dietary hole and it may take just as long to work my way out of that including incorporating new habits.

            Right now I eat 1-2 meals a day cooked and 1-2 meals a day raw. I already feel the improvement. I will try to keep this post updated with my progress, that will help motivate me to continue!

            Paul McCabe
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              You're welcome  :)

              It'll be great to see the progress you make with this.

              One thing I'd like to suggest, however, is the issue you're having with the cravings  might be a symptom  of the “real problem.” When people have a fear of public speaking, for example, that's often a symptom of a bigger issue. Same issue with giving up addictions – invariably something in our subconscious predisposed us to getting hooked on something. In a similar issue, I have a feeling that the issue you've presented here might be showing up as you haven't discovered the source of your issue.

              The issue could be about your relationship with your Mom. She raised you to eat certain foods and you decided to pursue a different type of food. It's possible that your Mom feels threatened by that or interprets it as a criticism of the way she raised you. It doesn't mean it is, of course, but your Mom's scorn could just be a sign that she wants to assert her authority. Perhaps she feels that, if you follow your own approach, it'll affect your bond. Also, she could just be trying to protect you.

              The key thing here is: how do you feel when your Mom ctiticises how you live your life? If you experience any negative emotions when recalling or predicting this criticism, the Click Tracks are there to help you dissolve these feelings.

              You've mentioned shame, anger and resentment. Those are heavy emotions and being free of the unhealthy effects of them will be life-changing. What will you be able to achieve when you're not consumed with these emotions?

              That's your vision right there. Find your “why”, as it were. Why do you want to follow a certain diet? Why do want more energy? Why do you want to obliterate the undesired emotion? Once you clearly define this, you'll be able to come up with some brilliant and laser-focused Positive suggestions.

              I'd suggest the following too:

              – “From now on, I completely trust my own instincts.”

              – “I forgive myself for any mistakes I made in the past.”

              – “I let myself become a better person every day.”

              – “I make good, strong decisions.”

              – “As my mind becomes healed, so too will my body..”

              I hope these suggestions help and I look forward to reading your progress.

              Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


              Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

              Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

              Skype, Zoom, in-person & phone sessions available…

              PSTEC User

                Yesterday I had taco bell, today i had nothing but raw. I am noticing a big difference ever since I did “Its ok to turn down food”; today at work there were donuts in the breakroom and even half of somebodys uneaten burger and I automatically ignored it, wasn't even an issue. I still didn't want to BE in the breakroom because it was work and I wanted to go home for lunch, so I did. I also noticed that when I went to the supermarket with my wife today, I was able to ignore all the food that was there without any conscious effort on my part.

                Peter Bunyan
                PSTEC User

                  Hi Paul & bodycodehealer

                  Paul: Thanks for your contributions, with some great suggestions.

                  bodycodehealer: Thanks for getting back to us and it is good to hear that you are making some progress.

                  Firstly everything to do with food is about feelings. Rationality and logic are ignored. If they were involved then your desire for better health would overrule your desire for pizza. If they were involved you would have to work out what to eat, when, and why. But you eat because you feeel  hungry. With this in mind the PSTEC tools to use are the Click Tracks. You mentioned resentment, its a feeling and so Clickable. You also have had some success with “It's OK to turn down food”. You were brought up on cooked food as a child so the things your parents said about food and mealtime behaviors are a part of you and therefore resistant to change, because it becomes changing who you are, part of your identity. For this reason it is a good idea to think about yourself as a person who has successfully transitioned to raw food, even though you may not quite be there yet. Imagine you have and how good being healthy feels. Keep on imagining it! As often as you can in order to become it. Every time you do manage to turn down cooked food you get a step closer.

                  If your parents said things like “Clean your plate or won't get any sweet course” or “Think of all those starving children in Africa” or similar then Click Track the strongest of those memories. If you can still hear in you head your parents saying something like this then use PSTEC negative on those. This might be where the resentment comes from being “forced” to eat as a kid.

                  There is still so much more to say, but again I will leave it there and perhaps some others will join in.

                  PSTEC User

                    So far so good today, no cravings for cooked, instead of getting a burrito after work I took and paid $5 on a credit card instead, woohoo! I'm actually moving ahead instead of behind. Will need to digest the rest of the info u guys have given me for a while

                    Peter Bunyan
                    PSTEC User

                      Hi Bodycodehealer

                      Only digest the raw data!  ;D


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