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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Hello Team…

      I'm having a issue with focus during the CTs. Has anyone experimented with using the EFT type set-up while CTing? Like thinking, ” Feeling all this overwhelm” , while CTing?



      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Jay,

        Let's start at the beginning, ok? :- )

        PSTEC, while it may seem “like” other techniques, is completely different. Are there some similarities here and there? Sure, but as you use it and approach your issues, begin with an empty cup as the old Zen story goes.

        Alright, with that said…

        1. DO NOT repeat phrases with PSTEC as you do with EFT or other modalities. If you are repeating a phrase like you mentioned, “Feeling all this overwhelm,” you may actually be strengthening the issue.
        2. What do you mean by “..having an issue with focus during the CTs.”?
        3. [/list]
          Here are some notes on “following along”:

          Do your best to focus on the emotions, feelings and memories that you are targeting with PSTEC while at the same, again, doing your best to follow the clicks and tones and tapping with the appropriate hands. You may not get all of them perfectly in time, but that's ok, do the best you can. You don’t have to “keep up” per se, but, again, just do the best you can. Most importantly, try and hold on to the emotions, feelings and memories as you listen and follow the clicks and tones.

          There is no need to focus on the language suggested by Tim. It is not meant to be easy. It is meant to be effective.

          Listen to the PSTEC Instructions audio again to become more familiar with the process and also review the FAQ's as they may give you more insight on how to use PSTEC appropriately and may also give you more confidence in using them…
          PSTEC FAQ's

          If you continue having difficulty, check the PSTEC register for a practitioner that may be able to help you individually and guide you through the process…
          PSTEC Registry



        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC User

          Thanks Jeff for your reply! I didn't want to imply that I was using the other modality…I just noticed you said try my best to focus on the emotions, feelings and memories – When I did this on an issue I was working on, it kept coming up as “overwhelm” as the feeling.

          So are you saying I should not “label” the feeling when trying to hold on to my focus?


          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Jay… you're always welcome.

            It's OK to work with other modalities…never a problem as all roads can lead Home. My only caution is not to “mix” them in ways that would be counterproductive… there are enough challenges, yah?

            Hard to tell from just a forum post, but it could be that other multiple emotions are coming up… so, do your best to segregate the prioritize them a bit.

            It does not matter whether you label them or not although that can help… that's one reason I focus on the physical feeling that comes with the emotion as that will be more accurate and distinctive and then “get into the feeling”… allow it to come through and when it's at its height, then focus on that along with the memory/imagined event. Always pair the two together as your work will go much more quickly and smoothly.



            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC User

              Hi guys

              Awesome stuff!

              Just a point I experienced Jay…

              I come from EFT background and understand what you mean.

              When I use PSTEC, I tend to round up the feelings using the EFT style of questioning, especially on a client. It helps me narrow the events/feelings down which in turn gets me to the focus point and then I use PSTEC which clears it all up.

              However when using it on myself, I have very good avoidance tactics, and I realised that I could no longer *feel* anything nor think of any events. I just knew that they were there. This almost made me not run the clicktrack, but on one particular issue- fear – I knew I had to.

              So I ended up muscle testing and trusting that system and ran the tracks anyway. I *tested* my rating down to a 5 from a 10 with one track, and decided it was time for bed (NO AVOIDANCE there!!!)

              The next morning I played social badminton, like I have never played before. I didn't even think it was strange until I heard one of the guys say “it's like she's not scared anymore..”

              Afterward I thought about it, and saw the link.

              I had PSTEC on 'fear of fear' etc, but not once did I think I was sacred of a shuttlecock, however my intelligent subconscious saw the link, and I am pleased to say that my badminton game has improved as a nice side effect of 'not feeling the feeling' but clicking anyway!

              I now use the tracks almost every day and I am just loving the results!

              Have fun


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