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    Sally Baker
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      In the May 2015 edition of Fibromyalgia Magazine out now PSTEC Master Practitioners Sally Baker and Liz Hogon describe how negative self talk can reinforce the vicious cycle of carrying excess weight leading to additional pain for  those people who are already feeling overwhelmed with living with a chronic illness.

      They explore how a person's own negative self-talk – the voice in your head that can carp and criticise your efforts, puts you down, and works to encourage self-doubt.

      In the feature Baker and Hogon provide guidance on how to use PSTEC ,and EFT to dispel the emotions attached to negative self talk. They are sure this is a key step in beginning the powerful journey which can transform your inner critic into your greatest advocate – someone cheering for you!

      If you would like to read the article in full the May issue of Fibromyalgia Magazine is available to buy on single edition basis from for just over £1 sterling. (Sorry due to copyright restrictions we are unable to provide a free content link).

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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