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    Meghan Saunders
    PSTEC User

      Hello –

      I have been having an excellent spring.  Last week I got to work at my old stomping ground and I have a great deal to be thankful for.  One thing I realized was – I have animation within my photoshop CS4 on my home computer.  I am not an animator but I work with them.  Until a few days ago I just didn't realize I had this capacity at home so I dove in yesterday just to play around with an idea I've had.  What I have created is very basic and I made it solely for the purpose of HAVING FUN, trying something new and possibly giving a little visual demo of how pstec works as an emotional eraser!

      (it looks better on my computer before uploading and. . . sound is something I would like better control over but – – – hey this is my first moving picture with PS.)

      This is a little idea that has been on my mind for over a year – – – and now – – – I've made it visible :-[

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Very Cool, Meghan … keep up the good work and ya never know when Disney might call. :D

        Meghan Saunders
        PSTEC User

          Been there – – – done that!!!  :-*

          and thanks!

          PSTEC Mike
          PSTEC User

            That is very, very neat. Great job. I tweeted it out.

            Meghan, you could do wonders spreading the word about PSTEC using your gift and creativity like that. I think it'd be very cool to put together something like that on how to follow along with the click tracks, you know? Just an idea. You're obviously very good at what you do!

            Like have animated hands at  the bottom of the screen tapping to the left and right every time the clicks and tones sound. It would look like someone was sitting there at there keyboard. Then have an animated brain with negative thoughts and memories swirling around it and by the end of the process those feelings and thoughts are erased.

            I think something like that would really get people interested in it.

            Again, great job!

            Meghan Saunders
            PSTEC User

              Thanks Mike –

              Time is of the essence :'( 

              Yes – I am working on this very concept right now – trying to figure out the timing of it & sound.  I didn't know I had animation in this version of photoshop until recently – it's fun but takes time.

              I do hope I can introduce pstec to more people with these visual moving ideas.

              Thank you for sending kind words – meghan

              PSTEC User

                I was looking for more information on PSTEC last night (4/7/2012) namely how to do the hands on YouTube and saw your video.  I really like the visual explanation of PSTEC.  How weird then to come here and find the creator. 

                Well done.

                Meghan Saunders
                PSTEC User

                  Hello Nightingale, Welcome!

                  Thank you for the compliment – I hope it was helpful.  I have another one for the click tracks put together but have yet to time it out with music…. now it is summer and I don't want to tinker on the computer!!!!!

                  The hands – – don't matter all that much.  You just try to tap along per Tim's instructions.  It does not matter if you tap on the top of your thighs or the sides or the sofa??? What is most important is holding the feeling, memory as Tim reminds and try your best to tap at the correct times with the correct hands – – – it's not about getting the hands perfect.  I think of it as more of a distraction? to the mind so you can take the express lane to get to the core of issues.

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