Hypnotic Time Machine is an absolute miracle worker! Grief, Anger, Shame ETC.

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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      A quick example of using Hypnotic Time Machine for resolving a stubborn issue of which I was unable to resolve with the clicktracks after many weeks of work. Often times trying harder can be replaced with simply trying something different through the use of a different PSTEC tool. This was a terribly painful and “emotionally complicated” breakup experience which left me with a tremendous amount of unresolved grief, anger (rage and resentment) disappointment, humiliation etc. This is often referred to as “complicated grief or bereavement” in the medical world and can cause some serious issues.

      I purchased the time machine when it came out and fiddled with it a few times though rather than beating my head against the wall with this issue any longer, I decided to try something completely  different and give it a go on this particular issue.

      I listened to the instructional introduction recording a few times to make sure I had completely absorbed the concept behind the process.

      I then ran the longest time machine recording and went back to that time as a 3rd person. While I was there I reassured myself, validated the way I was feeling that it was going to be ok, that I was a great person, it wasn't my fault and that I was worthy and deserving of “better”. I also told myself it was completely ok to cry fully. let go, give up and move forward to a better place in life. I then called the other person over and had a conversation between the two and explained to them what the cause of their actions had done to me. I asked them to realize, understand and acknowledge this and also to apologize.

      I then imagined myself forgiving them and we made up laughing and parting ways in a happy and peaceful way. Then I got back into the time machine and returned to the present. Essentially I had imagined a completely different outcome in a positive way which was buried deep into my subconscious, so powerful it negated the original story.

      Once I came out of the induction I immediately started to feel the deep unfinished grief and other emotions start to release. These were buried deep in my back. I listened to the relaxing accelerator to pack on some more punch. I went to sleep and woke up at about 5am. The feelings continued to release over a 12 hour period and my spine was physically shifting and “popping” as I slowly finished releasing the grief. Once this finalized, I was astonished at the resulting change. I felt 200 pounds lighter emotionally and so many past experiences also were completely gone as a result of releasing this.

      I decided to do a second experiment and go back to a point in my life where my father passed away and within 8 days of this my best friend was suddenly killed in an accident. I hadn't ever grieved these experiences. Like may people do, I held it all in and did other things to “process” and avoid the pain. So I went back to my father right before his death and said all the things I wanted to say but didn't and completely forgave him, told him goodbye etc and that it was completely ok for me to cry etc again validating and reassuring myself. Then I ran it a second time on my friend in a similar manner. I have suffered lower back tension and problems for decades and all of this is now completely gone as a result of releasing this deep grief, anger, etc.

      The time machine is extremely powerful and can be used for all sorts of things – anything you can possibly imagine –  from rewriting the past to creating positive future outcomes deep in your subconscious. I can't say enough about it here, it like anything else must be experienced to truly appreciate.

      Also in this package is the additional hypnotic emotional cleanser. I also ran it one time on these events AFTER running the time machine and before listening to the relaxing accelerator. When I ran the relaxing accelerator I once again imagines the exact same scenarios as I did during the time machine process to reinforce it.

      Easy restful sleep is also included of which I have used several times. It truly is a “sleep hammer” as described in the instructions make sure you have a loud alarm set LOL.

      Here is a link to the recordings https://bit.ly/2J6qpZ9

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Brian,

        Thanks for your post and for shining a light on another great product.

        I have been using the Time Machine tracks in sessions (or as part of their associated assignments) for a while now. They introduce a lot of novelty and even more variety. I suspect there are some other untapped uses.

        So far, I have found that it is brilliant for:

        – passing on lessons you have learned later in life to a “younger you”
        – dealing with trauma (taking the lessons)
        – resolving grief
        – making peace with the past (in a different way)
        – saying what you always wanted to say, but couldn't
        – brainstorming
        – seeing a problem in a different way
        – taking on a third-party perspective

        I hope some other people will contribute ways in which they have used the tracks that are in the Hypnotic Time Machine package.

        Paul  :D

        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


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