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      Hi guys!

      How are people using this to improve their financial situation?  Anyone got any pointers for me?  I have a goal in mind, but have no idea how to get there.  I want to increase my income and consistently make a certain amount of money each month, but its just not possible with the job a currently have.  Any tips would be very appreciated!


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi BJ!

        That's quite a large and wide subject because money is a funny and tricky thing that is affected and affects many aspects of your life.  So, the first order of business is to have the intention to make this fun… make it a game.

        Why?  Because you will not “figure it all out.”  You must rely on your mind being in harmony and relying on your greatest resources within your mind and you can't do that if you are serious in terms of your attachments and aversions.  The more of those two “A's” you have, the more you will struggle.

        I know, I know… money is serious business … well, serious as a heart attack!  That's what happens for so many people that take this money business serious.

        Do I mean that you are cavalier and don't care either way? Absolutely not!  But, remember, like emotions, use money as a gage … use it as a means by which to measure how free you are within.

        So, as you consider your goal, use the goal as your gage… as the measurement of your progress instead of this “do or die” objective.  In other words, don't take it so serious.  Make it a game.  The type of game where you play through and see how you do.  When you are not doing well, you will know (remember, money is the gage).  What do you do, make adjustments.

        The most important adjustment?

        Clear the barriers that get in the way.

        That's the true value of a goal… two things…

        • Measures your progress
        • Exposes the barriers that are in the way of your freedom.
        • [/list]That's it!!
          So, you see, the True goal is not the money, but becoming free… that's really what we are after.
          And, it's the barriers… emotional, belief and behavior … that are in the way of that freedom!
          So, be diligent about clearing that stuff up… finding harmony within and just USE money for a gage and to expose that stuff.
          You see?
          Alright, let's get practical…

          1. Set your goal as a Positive Statement (PS) and use that PS with PSTEC Positive (PP) per Tim's instructions.
          2. Rate how that goal feels… how confident are you… 0 – 10 ?
          3. Less than 10?  Why?
          4. What are the feelings that come up when you think about the goal… what non-JEEP feelings?
          5. Clear the non-JEEP feelings with the Click Tracks (CT), EEF's and/or Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT).
          6. When they are clear… 0-1 … go back to Step #1
          7. If you are a 10 in confidence on your PS, get quiet and ask, “What's my next step?”
          8. How does that step feel… how confident?
          9. Less than 10, go back to Step 4
          10. If your confidence is a 10, go do it… Live, man!!!  ;D
          11. [/list]That's a simple and quick summary, but a start.
            Here is a recommendation… Consider Tim's package, “How to Achieve Almost Everything – The Easy Way”
            Also, if you are stuck, consider visiting the PSTEC Register and finding someone to help guide you out of the muck and into the open.
            Remember too…Ka mea nana i hana … that's Hawaiian for “creator” and in those words, they also mean, “creation of the thing looked to.”
            In other words, you must become diligent about your thoughts… each and everyone creates something in that moment or starts the ball rolling in a particular direction.  So, if you say right half the time and left half the time, you get nowhere.
            Make sense?

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