Manifest a new relationship

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    Anja S
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      Hi everyone,

      I’m wondering which click tracks / programs would be best to use in order to manifest a new relationship.

      I guess the belief eraser would be an important part, if there’s limiting beliefs involved. But when it comes to positive suggestions – is there a specific click track dedicated to love/relationships?

      Leo Molina
      PSTEC User

        Hello: Relationships….what a mine field. However, very important because relationships are everywhere, and come in all sorts.

        I suggest that you start with the click tracks to deal with any feelings (deep or otherwise). I know is a trite saying: lessons learned, but it is true. Before we embark on a new chapter in our life it is good, and very hard, to examine where we went wrong so as not to repeat the mistakes. Been there, done that.

        As one Brian Tucker, of the senior members on the forum advices: get really angry while bringing forth the feelings with the Click Tracks. You will be amazed how those feelings evaporate. Make sure you get your anger feelings down to a 1 or 0. Repeat the process as long as you need to. Somewhere on this site Jeff Harding had a long list of some of the most common feelings that trouble us humans.
        After you have used the click tracks you can use the Belief Blasters, or Positive Quantum Turbo.
        Keep track of progress because you will be finding that the past in “overly populated” with feelings.

        All the best.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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