My first tears shed in 5 years

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    Enda Coyne
    PSTEC User

      Hello there wonderful guys and girls.

      I'm sorry for the flamboyant greeting but im just a little bit thrilled this evening.

      For the first time in 5 years I cried like a baby. It was such an awesome thing to feel something other then pain again. But im not sure if this was the intended result of the click track or if I just let myself go too far. It has been a longtime desire of mine to cry once again so even with the notion that it could have ruined the session I just let it out anyways. It felt nice.

      My problem has stemmed from my incredibly traumatic childhood/adolescence/teenage years. I was always a strong cookie in the sense that I wasnt gonna let something like an emotion take me down so I done what seemed like a reasonable thing at the time and buried the heck out of it, dropped down an anvil onto that emotional coffin and sealed up the hole with high grade industrial strength concerete. What a mistake! All of my negative experiences combined before that moment were nothing compared to the pain that I have felt over the past 5 years and the profoundly detrimental impact it has had on my life.

      Which brings me to this point. After years of self therapy with EFT, emotrance, NLP, FasterEFT etc the one thing that made me cry was tapping on my chest to the ryhtem of an mp3.

      I havent felt a reasonable emotion in a good long time. It seems that when I blocked the “negative” feelings I also blocked the good energy from flowing. Now I just feel it as pain.

      Now that I think of it, I do suffer from an incredible social phobia. It is so overpowering that it has left me incredibly handicapped when it comes to making friends or making my way through this socially orientated world. I know the locations of every energetic blockage in my body. My primary problem has up until this point been feeling them and getting in touch again.

      I'm sorry for the long introduction. I hope that by shedding a glimmer of light on a portion of my backround will help in some way.

      I'm incredibly determined to fix myself. So far ive gone from having such intense pressure and pain that suicide seemed to be a very valid and logical option to now where I have a reasonable quality of life but just cannot function socially and cannot laugh. (funny huh)

      I know that EFT etc didnt work for me because I was unable to get in touch with the emotion. But something did happen with PSTEC… I'm just unsure where to go about it from here.

      I will be purchasing the accelerated audios tomorrow as soon as the transfer is complete to my paypal account (damn banks not open on sunday at 2am :P) so any other advice would be graciously accepted from the bottom of my heart.

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha Jack,

        Thanks for sharing and being utterly transparent… very courageous and very essential because without being transparent, especially with ourselves, healing is a tough (maybe impossible) road.

        You see, part of most PSTEC tools are Tim's suggestions to allow your subconscious to reveal more about the emotions and memories that are causing or are the source of your issues.  One huge benefit that is built in to Tim's products because if you don't identify the issue, how do you release it?

        So, Excellent work, my good man!!!

        Why do I say that?

        Because, as Tim says, it's all about results and if you feel more free then, yes (let me say it again, YES!), you are on the right track.

        Remember this…

        Emotions are neither good nor bad, they are just communication.  So, if you shut down the emotions, you shut down communications and, think about this, how can we possibly communicate well with those we perceive on the outside if we have limited communication on the inside?  It just doesn't work.  :-

        So, the first step… an absolute essential … is to communicate within.  In other words, you must be aware of what's going on with the subconscious (sub) and you can only do that when you listen.  You listen to the emotions, feelings, images, videos, memories, imagined events, even dreams.

        When those come up and it's non-JEEP, pull out the Click Tracks (CT), EEF's or Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT) and neutralize them.

        But, here's where awareness comes in… very, VERY important!!!

        You must be aware of what the sub tells you are the issues!  You must respect and honor the subconscious when communication comes through and… dare I say … Love, unconditionally, what the sub has to share.

        So, the emotions coming up are definitely excellent news, Jack!

        What do you do with the emotions?

        Follow your nose… follow the clues.

        Just allow your subconscious to present memories to you that are relevant (part of the cause).

        use my E.P.I.C. to find those memories… you can get the pdf here at no charge

        Be sure when you use the CT, EEF or ATT, that you focus on two things for now as you learn to use PSTEC effectively…

        1. A specific memory.  Be sure that the memory has a place and time…start with them as specific as possible.
        2. A specific emotion or feeling… rate that as best you can ONLY for that specific memory.
        3. [/list]So, you always focus on those two aspects and the level of intensity of the emotion is not important, just that you try as hard as you can to feel the feeling or emotion.

          One more recommendation is to listen to the PSTEC Interview with Meghan on social anxiety… excellent step by step process she presents from her experience.

          Take care … Aloha!


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