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      I have a question around the actions a person takes when doing a PSTEC release CT. I myself find I slip in and out of consciousness for a split moment at different times while doing my session. Tim and I have spoken about this in the past. The question I have for anyone that can give me feedback is in regards to a client I work with. While doing any of the release tracks 1,2, or the EEFs he tends to squirm and flinch his arms and legs a lot throughout the session and seems to have an intense look on his face. It is mild actions and not aggressive and he is fine after the session. I am just interested if anyone else has the experienced this and an explanation if possible so I can learn all I can about the process.

      Thanks for your help in advance

      Jeff Harding
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        Hi Tony … as you are illustrating, everyone reacts a little bit different… or in some cases, quite a bit different.  So, I wouldn't worry too much because I have experienced people that claim to have a huge release yet there is no visible reaction whatsoever and others that visibly cry, some yawn like continuously, some get tired and others get energized after releasing emotional junk.

        As you shared, if he's not harming himself or anyone else, no worries.

        The result is what you wish to test out by having them TRY HARD to feel the feeling… be sure to rate it and get a number from the person not letting them get away with “fluffy” adjectives like “It's good”… or … “It's better.”  Many times, I have had someone say, “I feel good” and they are still feeling the emotion as a 3, 4 or even 5.  But, compared to the initial “10”; yeah, it is better and actually feels good.  But, if it's above a 0-1, there's still more to do if they feel they can continue.

        Remember, with PSTEC we are working with the mind and mostly with the subconscious… that's where permanent and causal changes are made and how they react physically as long as all are safe, I believe, is fair game.

        Oh, and keep up the good work … er … play !!  ;D



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          When you play the click tracks you are trying as hard as you can to feel the negative emotion. When you feel a negative emotion you can get physical effects whether it's squirming, screaming, tensing up and so on. Those are just physical expressions of the emotion. If it happens you can take that as a sign that emotion is being felt, so that's a good thing. And because it is an expression of the negative emotion, it means it will to some small extent release the emotion too, so again it's a good thing.

          The only caveat is, you don't want the physical expressions to distract from following the instructions. So the user needs to maintain focus on trying hard while consciously trying to keep up with the tapping.

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            Hi fella's,

            Thanks for your response and input.

            Tony G

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