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      I remember a number of past lives. This may or may not sit well with your world view, but for me it's my reality.

      I mean no disrespect to any religion or religious point of view, and hope I do not offend anyone.

      You may also think that this is BS. That's fine, but please keep those kinds of responses to yourself. Whether it's real or not, for me it is. Is that psychosis or reality… does it even matter? I don't think so. Just take it with a pinch of salt if it's easier for you to digest ;)

      Forum member Tomas asked me to make a post about this, so here I go.

      Not sure where to start here… let's see.

      I have the following memories of passed lives. I do not know the chronological order. I remember sounds, textures, smells, feelings, heat, cold as well as events… bit and pieces from all, and this is what I have from them:

      • I was an elder male in some kind of “primitive” jungle tribe. The tribe was at war or some kind of fighting with another local tribe. My whole tribe, male and female, all the adults except me were needed to go to fight, to attack or maybe defend against this other tribe. I was left responsible for all the children and babies in a hut/shack while they all went to fight.

        The children were well and we were in the hut and I think I fell asleep. The other tribe came and set fire to the village, including the hut we were in. I woke to a smoke filled hut, screaming children. I couldn't see. I managed to get out, but I couldn't save any. They all burned to death and while I was outside the hut, badly injured and unable to do anything.

        The tribe returned to find the village ablaze, me in a burned and dying state. They wanted to kill me. They didn't help me. They watched my die, hating me and blaming me for the children's death, cursing my name and jeering, so much hatred from my own people.

      • I was a thief. Some Arabic country. Basically think Aladdin. I was a thief by necessity, stealing to survive, to eat. But I was also very good at it. Very proud of it. Very proud of hiding, of getting away from the guards. I was very intelligent and skilled.

        One day I was caught by the guards. They cut off both of my hands. I survived that, but gradually starved to death, a worthless grotesque, frightening mess.

      • I was a eunuch, in some kind of harem. Surrounded by some rich man's wives and mistresses. Beautiful, half or fully naked, loounging around, like a total male fantasy I guess. I was castrated, and had my tongue cut out – quite normal for that situation, I was there to protect these women.

        The younger girls, some were awful – mean and bitchy and cruel. Some were nice, a lot of the older/more homely ones.

        In that life, a fellow eunuch was my older brother in this life.

      • I was a nomadic guide. Running caravans of travellers through the desert. Very skilled, a warrior, philosopher of sorts, a horseman. But of very low class. Another Arabic  kind of world. I met and fell in love with a princess (I am quite certain this is my current wife) but her father was a very very rich man, a sultan or something. He would not have permitted our love, so we hid it.

        He eventually found out, and had me tortured and killed. She believed I just left her until the day she died. She never took another lover or husband, and died alone.

      • I also have the karma of “a black African slave” in my 8th chakra.
      • [/list]

        For me, this is fascinating.

        In this life, I have struggled with/had reoccurring events around:

      • Smoking. Like a lot. Like as many as 60-80 smokes a day
      • Stealing things
      • Hating rich people
      • Fear of rich people
      • The need to hide/be unseen/stay in the shadows
      • Need to run away
      • Hatred of very attractive women
      • Feelings of self-worth
      • Being unable to do anything for myself
      • Always having to WORK LIKE A SLAVE just to get by on scraps
      • An amazing connection to/kinship with children
      • Drawn to the outdoors
      • Drawn to solitude
      • Love adventure and physical challenges/adversity
      • Proud of my hard work ethic
      • Only work when I am forced to, or for recognition, otherwise lazy
      • Won't do anything for myself
      • Feel the need to lie, cheat, and steal to survive
      • Physically strong, but avoid confrontation because I know I will never win
      • Very comfortable with “bad people” – able to mix with criminals, “low-lifes”, etc. Very uncomfortable around the wealthy. Trust “crooks” more than the wealthy.
      • [/list]

        Take a look at some of my hobbies and work history

      • Youth worker (protecting/saving children – working with high-risk kids in particular)
      • Outdoor/Adventure educator (leading adventures)
      • Various charities (avoiding rich people)
      • Physical laborer (slave-like conditions)
      • Oil industry work in Canada (EXTREME slave-like conditions in EXTREME weather – 16, 18, 20 hour days, as many as 96 days straight with no day off, personally experiencing temps from -54c to +53c)
      • Free-running/parkour (be able to RUN AWAY)
      • Gymnastics (as above)
      • Lock-picking (thief)
      • [/list]

        And, in relation to the points about my brother and wife above:

        Both my brother and I have the same issue around women. Both with our share of sexual issues. Both obsessed with women and sex from a very early age, much more so than our peers. Both had our tongues pierced (like having them cut out, repeating the wound).

        My wife – her biggest, reocurring issue in her whole life has been “the men who I love leave me”. Like, straight up disappear. Literally she has countless boyfriends who just magically disappeared – moved country, died, went to work in a completely different place – just like in our life together.

        I guess I´m just opening up the conversation here, it's a little hard to put into words because I know that for many people, this is idiotic/BS. For me, it is very clear. You can find a lot of evidence and information about this online from scientific study and reputable media outlets.

        I believe we have the same unresolved issues in this life based on the experiences of past lives, related to what we learned, and what we still have to learn, and karma I suppose.

        The things we are interested in, passionate about in this life – we think they are random. I contend they are related to past lives.

        In terms of PSTEC and dealing with current issues… I am not yet sure about it. PSTEC works just the same, but, for example, my personal issue of not being able to do anything for myself, not being able to do anything without being forced or ordered to – related to being a slave in several lives, for sure.

        I have ALWAYS gone for either older women, or more “homely” women, despite “desperately wanting” the super fit girls/women, and, actually, if it weren't for all the mess in my head, I could have had those “very sexy girls” but I always feared them deeply, crippling fear.

        Of course, many of these things are also common beliefs/issues, and do not exactly prove past lives (or my sanity)… but it's interesting.

        Any one else have any thoughts or memories like this? Any thoughts or suggestions about how to deal with this kind of thing specifically with PSTEC? Let's talk :)

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        When someone comes to me, it's not about “where” the memory or issues originated.  None of that matters, although the person's perception of where it came from can be helpful.  But, as to its “legitimacy;” doesn't matter.

        What matters is that we correct the errors of their mind that keep their wonderful True Self ignored and unable to express in this world.

        So, the short answer to your question and subject is to treat that “past life” memory, just like any other memory.

        Focus on the scenario like a memory, TRY HARD to feel the negative feeling and then tap to the clicks and tones until down to 0-1.

        Here's the longer answer with some context…

        There are two sources of mind available to you.

        One is an immature state of mind that took the various forms of input … what you were told, what you experienced, etc. … Let's call it the human mind (this can also be called ego, animal nature, etc.; but it doesn't matter what you call it.).

        The other is your True Self (it's a Divine Nature; some call it God, Spirit, etc.; it's an infinite part of your mind; again, call it what you like; doesn't matter). We, as humans, of course, are just beginning to explore this more deeply and naturally, as beginners, much is unknown.

        What we do know is that there is a part of your mind that knows what is Ideal for yourself and others involved. There is even a shared consciousness of some type.

        Our problem?
        We don't listen because we are focused on our human mind and all the conclusions our individual minds developed … manufactured … at that immature level; i.e. 'I was told so many times I was worthless that I believed it' … or … 'I tried to be successful many times, but never could do it so I figured it was just not meant to be and why bother.'

        So, these memories or past life events … are they real or illusory?
        What about memories that we know we experienced in this physical life?
        I claim they are illusory in terms of not actually existing in the present.  Notice how two people in the same location and time have two different perspectives of an event.  The memory is your perspective of the event… it's an illusion when it comes to actual Truth because it's skewed with your Mind Model … your point of view.

        When we work with PSTEC we are working with your perspective… with your own personal illusion.  Don't take this like a personal assault because we all have illusory perspectives.

        For example, look at how you feel about a memory.  Then Click Track it.  Once it's down to 0-1, now look at how you feel about that memory.  Notice the change in how you feel and what you see.
        Do you notice that?
        See the difference?
        That shift of perspective shows how our view of ourselves and the world is illusory; very flexible and changeable.
        Which, yes, is a good thing!!!
        A powerful aspect of our life here!

        So, keep in mind my Rule #1:

        If it's not JEEP, Click Track it.

        So, if you have a thought about… using one of your examples …

        “One day I was caught by the guards. They cut off both of my hands. I survived that, but gradually starved to death, a worthless grotesque, frightening mess.”

        Take that and apply the Click Tracks to the non-JEEP feelings you have about that.
        Focus on that memory/imagined events… TRY HARD to feel the feeling … tap to the clicks and tones until it's down to 0-1.

        After it's 0-1, take another look at the memory … what are your thoughts about it?
        Look at your new perception toward the people, places and things from the memory.
        Be open to the shift in perception!

        If other memories come up, CT those!

        I worked with someone quite a while ago who had a vision in their mind … a past life memory … that she was a slave in ancient Egyptian times; lash on her back, carrying large stones, etc.  She felt despair and fear; CT'd those down to 0-1.
        Then, another memory came up about her being of royalty during that same time period forcing others to do her bidding.  She felt very guilty and sad.  CT'd those down to 0-1.

        Interesting, yah?  Both sides of the issue … victim and victimizer!

        When we went back to the original issue or memory she had, that too had gone down to 0-1.
        So, what is the connection… why did that happen?
        Those are questions I am not interested in.  I am only interested in clearing and cleaning her mind of the human errors in thinking.
        You see?

        I also shared an example in Click Tracks Made Simple of an image that occurred for someone during a session.  The “evil clown.”
        Where did that come from?
        It does not matter.
        All that matters is that we clean and clear anything that gets in the way of the person paying attention to their True Self and allowing their magnificence to shine through in this physical world.

        Make sense?


        If thoughts come up, such as some of the bullet list you provided, address those with Belief Blasters and PSTEC Positive to shift those perceptions.
        Look at this sample of the belief list you provided:

        *Fear of rich people
        *The need to hide/be unseen/stay in the shadows
        *Need to run away
        *Hatred of very attractive women

        Are those beliefs limiting your perception?
        Do they keep you from taking advantage of opportunities that would encourage JEEP feelings?
        Do you see how these will keep you stuck?

        Address those, as I said, with belief changing tools from PSTEC.
        I won't go into detail here, but delve more deeply with the PSTEC Tools to find out how to do that.

        Be the observer and just watch what comes up no matter your or anyone else’s opinion of the validity.  Just CT the feelings and memories and shift beliefs and perceptions all in the journey … part of the way … of discovering your True Self!


        PSTEC User

          Dear Jeff,

          Wow. that was very helpful and thought-provoking input! Thank you so much for your time and response.

          As well as the very useful explanations and examples, the parts that really stuck out for me were:

          But, as to its “legitimacy;” doesn't matter.

          What matters is that we correct the errors of their mind that keep their wonderful True Self ignored and unable to express in this world.

          I am only interested in clearing and cleaning [the] mind of the human errors in thinking.

          All that matters is that we clean and clear anything that gets in the way of the person paying attention to their True Self and allowing their magnificence to shine through in this physical world.

          Be the observer and just watch what comes up no matter your or anyone else’s opinion of the validity.  Just CT the feelings and memories and shift beliefs and perceptions all in the journey … part of the way … of discovering your True Self!

          I really sincerely appreciate you taking the time to answer – even just reading your post I felt a little lighter about things, just the idea that I can manage those “memories” just the same.

          In fact, it's taken this long to respond because I had to read and re-read your post several times, I got a lot from it… and I haven't even gone through the CT and BB suggestions yet.

          Once I have, I will update the thread again.

          With many thanks and warm regards,

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            You are always welcome!

            “I can manage those “memories”

            You don't manage the memories, per se, but you do manage how you respond to the memories.
            THAT is what you can manage.

            How you respond is created by your own personal mind at the subconscious level of your mind … how you respond IS yours.  You own it and control it.

            And, keep in mind, how you respond is just an idea… just a concept.
            It's not something set in stone or even made of stone or any other physical or immovable material.
            It's just an idea that can be changed.

            It can be challenging as the subconscious defends its position… it's idea … but if you persist, it will relent.

            So, as you persist, keep those thoughts in mind as you are shaping … mentoring … teaching your subconscious another way of thought … another way of BEing.
            And, persist as you would teaching a little one … with patience, Love and consistency.

            Know that you will be successful in teaching this young mind how to BE for its Highest Good.  Be congruent and do not be swayed… be firm but gentle.


            Tomas Zobal
            PSTEC User

              This is a great topic. Just like James said, I'm only sharing my perspective and I'm completely fine if others disagree. I also hope not to offend anyone.

              The reason why I was curious about past lives is because to me, their existence signals something way more significant than just memories. I believe that all life is governed by the same set of laws, by the same Supreme Intelligence. Nothing exists in separation, in a vacuum. Our past affects our present and our present is setting up our future. People don't seem to struggle with this concept when it comes to one physical life, but it seems to make no sense to many that the same law would apply across life times. But why wouldn't it? That's why we hear people talk about their past life recollections and how certain personality traits, imbalances and so on carry over from one life to another.

              We live in a duality based universe. If we have our own free will, there must also be a divine will. I believe this divine will is the highest authority so to speak and we can't override it with our own individual free will. We can operate within our individual range of options, we can be in sync with our highest good or we can go against the flow and unnecessarily struggle.

              My understanding is that how we go through life, our thoughts, our actions, how we treat our environment (things, people, animals), how we learn (or not learn) our individual lessons directly affects our next incarnation. In a way, based on how we manage our current life, we are “assigned” the next one. This would be called a fate or destiny.

              Destiny is however not set in stone, there is a range of options and possibilities within which we can operate using our free will. So let's say we have a bicycle accident in our future. We can't erase this event from our fate, we can't avoid it (it's been assigned to us by the divine will). How we are going through this life and the choices we are making can directly affect how this accident unfolds. We can be knocked off our bike by a pedestrian and sprain our ankle or we can get hit by a bus and be paralyzed for the rest of our life (and anything in between).

              The reason why I'm saying all the above is that I believe that there is a higher authority in play and if we need to have a certain experience to correct some imbalance or misunderstanding we might have been working on for lifetimes, there is no way we can consciously decide we don't want that experience and avoid it. So if for instance someone needs to have the experience of poverty, no program, no book, no self help guru will be able to alter this person's fate and bring abundance to their life. I know it's popular to say the universe is the place of infinite possibilities and we can have anything we want… but I don't think it's the case at all. The universe is most definitely the place of infinite possibilities… we just don't have access to all of them. Only to a certain portion that applies to our individual journey.

              Joe wakes up today… and he has his free will. He can choose to do many things. He can do what he's been doing for the past 10 years. He can make new radical choices that will go against anything he has done so far in life. But if he lives in Buenos Aires and possesses a certain type of skill set, has a certain amount of funds.. all of those factors will present a range of his choices today. He can't consciously decide he wants to be someone else in Berlin today. Same thing applies to incarnations. We are currently living a life that is the direct result of all of our past lives, just like Joe's day is the result of all of his choices and his environment since he was born.

              This is what (to me) explains, why an identical situation/opportunity will have different results for different people. Not every single player coached by Phil Jackson turned out to be Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Not everyone who goes to the gym will be able to bench press 500 lbs. Not everyone who goes to a prestigious university will excel in their field.

              All of us are here at this forum because we want to change some aspect of our life. Some problems we experience seem to be corrected rather easily. Some seem to put up a a little fight. In both of those cases, our range of possibilities included a cure so to speak. A chance to end a long standing pattern, to improve something we no longer need as a learning experience.

              Other aspects seem pretty much impossible to change no matter what we do, no matter what modality we try. I believe, those are the patterns/qualities/circumstances we just need to go through to have that experience, no matter how much we dislike them and don't want them in our life. It's not just a simple matter of “clicking them away”.

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