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    Rhonda (Dixie) Boyle
    PSTEC User

      I've been studying the latest PSTEC tutorial on PSTEC Positive. I've been working at crafting a PS for a goal I want to hit in my job. I started with this:

      “I am a Double Back Flip Manager in June, 2012.”

      Now, I know what a Double Back Flip Manager is — my conscious mind knows the term within my company (made up here!). Do I need to be more specific?

      I realized, after listening to Tim again, that my trigger could be more powerful. I want to hit Double Back Flip Manager by the end of June. But why wait til then?! Why not get 'r done well in advance of the end of June?! So I re-crafted it to be this:

      “I am a Double Back Flip Manager by June 25th, 2012.”

      That statement instantly brings up more anxiety, so I know I need to CT on that first. And I don't need to give my subC any more information than that, do I? Like specifics of becoming a Double Back Flip Manager? Ie, XX$$ is revenue or XX number of recruits, blah, blah, blah.

      If anyone is wondering, the new Positive tutorial is AMAZING!

      Much love,


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Dixie,

        Nice start on this … no, if you know the details of what is required to achieve your target, then it's not necessary to state it in detail in your Positive Statement because what you are doing is suggesting to the subconscious what your desire is and then depending upon the sub to provide all necessary information, knowledge and advice that is necessary to achieve that target.  That is why listening can be so important once you decide on your direction and begin to move forward… answers will appear to you.

        So, on your statement, I see a bit of vagueness in your first iteration … you mention June 2012 … but I would add the date as well… as you did in the second iteration… excellent.

        Now, as you said, when you run the PSTEC Positive (PP) Tracks with your Positive Statement (PS), watch for the following…

        • Feelings and thoughts that come up that are contrary to your PS.

          The example you gave is great… feelings may come up and if they do, then get quiet and identify the feelings and then you can run the CT while imagining success with your PS while trying hard to feel the feelings that are not JEEP.

        • Look at the fear of failure… here's something virtually no one will advise you to do because they are afraid to send you there… but, with PSTEC, we do not fear facing the barriers because we have the tools to neutralize them… ready?

          Imagine total failure of your PS… how does that feel?  Any non-JEEP whatsoever?
          Run the CT imagining failure and try hard to feel the feeling.

        • Here's another angle to find the barriers.  What do you have to do to achieve your PS?  Are there certain steps you feel you have to take?  If you do, imagine those steps and doing them successfully; how does that feel?

          If you feel any non-JEEP about any of those steps, then use the CT to neutralize the non-JEEP feelings around those steps or actions.

          Once you neutralize those feelings, then you may want to craft a PS for that particulars action and run the PP on that IN ADDITION to the first, main one you listed.

        • [/list]There you go, my good friend … carry on… carry over … and break on through to the other side!!!
          Aloha nui loa!

        Rhonda (Dixie) Boyle
        PSTEC User

          I have another question about my PS. I decided to add something that goes along with it that I had forgotten about when I first crafted it. My final version was:

          “I am a Double Back Flip Manager by June 25th, 2012”

          I rephrased it to say:

          “I am a Double Back Flip Manager and Achiever's Club by June 25th, 2012.”

          I kept getting distracted by the length (obviously Double Back Flip Manager is fake, but even the real title, combined with the addition, was too long). Should I create two different PSs? And use PP twice?

          “I am a Double Back Flip Manager by June 25th, 2012” followed by
          “I am Achiever's Club by June 25th, 2012.”

          Just curious as to your take on it? Using PP twice with two different phrases or once with a lengthier phrase?

          And you DO think the full date is essential?

          Thanks for your help!


          Peter Bunyan
          PSTEC User

            I am sure Jeff will come up with something better, but my take on your statement is to soften it since you hit some resistance on the absolute positive and possibly leave out the year, also add a trigger.

            So  “From today I will find ways to become a Double Back Flip Manager and Achiever Club by June 25th” see if seems more believable to you.

            Can you imagine yourself having achieved these goals? What would it feel like when you have?
            You need to feel that you already have achieved it, not that you might or that it will be a struggle. If you hit resistance here then this is what to Click Track on. Feelings of doubt, fear of failure, inadequacy or even fear of success.

            Run the positive every day.

            Also use the Accelerators is you have them.

            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              Good points, Peter…

              Dixie, it depends upon what “Double Back Flip Manager and Achiever's Club” means.

              Most likely, as you felt, it may be too much for one PS, so, yes, it is best to split them apart
              and do them separately.  As you said, “Using PP twice with two different phrases.”

              The full date may or may not be essential… but, in reality, it does not really add too much length to the PS, does it?  If not, leave it there.

              As you are exploring, most importantly, is listening to what you KNOW is right and appropriate… Trust your Self.



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