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    Tomas Zobal
    PSTEC User

      Hi everyone,

      I have just finished listening to PSTEC Positive Secrets again. Tim stresses how important it is to include triggers in our positive statements.

      Going through older posts here, I feel like most of the statements that are suggested to people don't have these triggers.

      Can you guys help me understand this seeming contradiction?

      Thank you.

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Tomas,

        I am sure Peter will have his own take on this.

        I am not sure which specific posts you are referencing, but I think three points are important here.

        1) Trigger points can be very important and they give a sense of immediacy and specificity to suggestions, but it might not always be possible to attach a trigger point to every suggestion. It will depend on what you are trying to accomplish.

        2) The nature of this medium (being a forum, as opposed to a live interaction) means that some of the suggestions could potentially be quite generic in nature – this might be because information is missing/vague in the original post. Forums can provide great information and discussion, but lack the immediacy and dynamism of being able to “dialogue” with someone in person.

        To save a lot of “back and forth”, occasionally more generic information may be given, and that can lead on to a breakthrough.  Crucially, though, there is a fair amount of trial and error with any process. How have you gotten on with suggestions that did not have a trigger?

        With any suggestion, it is best to refine it to your own needs so that it fits what you are looking to accomplish.

        3) Crafting suggestions is an art, as opposed to an exact science, I would contend. So,  for example, if someone presented an issue of feeling nervous around their boss, certain approaches would be suggested – CT the emotion, and use a PP suggestion “From now on I feel confident around my boss.” This would be fine, of course, and I would imagine such a suggestion would prove helpful.

        Well, the more defined trigger point can come from the user. The user may know their boss as “Sharon” and may be feeling nervous about a meeting with Sharon at 9am tomorrow. Thus, it would likely prove more effective to run the suggestion as “At the 9am meeting with Sharon tomorrow, I will be confident.”

        In such an example, it would also be worthwhile defining the behaviours that make up “confident” for you. So, an event could have a list of PP statements (with triggers) associated with it:

        “If Sharon stares at me, I maintain eye contact” etc.

        So, with that in mind, if you have seen any PP suggestions that do not have trigger points and believe adding them will help, I would recommend doing just that. I recommend personalising them and making them specific.

        “If X (something happens), then Y (I exhibit… behaviour).”

        There are other ways to formulate these, but I hope this post helps.



        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


        Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

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        Peter Bunyan
        PSTEC User

          Tomas &  Thanks Paul

          Contradictory, inconsistant, yes gulity as charged, and take other sins into consideration. But please consider these mitigating circumstances:

          • Positive Secrets did not exist when I first started writing here.
          • My own experience and understanding, my “paradigm of mind” and how it integrates with the PSTEC Mind Model has grown over that time.
          • There is no standard way of using PSTEC tools, no text book. Everyone experiences and learns from PSTEC in their own way.
          • I'm an unpaid volunteer. Yes I am also a PSTEC Affiliate. That is I get a slice of any sales of products purchased with my tracking code included. However the purpose of this Forum is not to directly push products.
          • Yes I want people to buy the products and get the free ones, it offsets my expenses. This only works if my advice is any good.
          • My advice as Paul says has to be rather generic as I do not know anymore than the information supplied by the member on this forum. The information I require in order to be more effective would be often too personal for most to provide in public.
          • Positive Statements are best provided from your own mind, not from mine.
          • If I provide all the information contained in Positive Secrets then perhaps people would not buy it. I shall ask Tim how far I can go in this direction. How secret does he want them to be?
          • [/list]The evidence and my testimony clearly prove that I am only human.
            Is your sentence “life”? At least they don't hang people here in the UK anymore. Community service, chained to a laptop being a Forum advisor? (This is getting to feel like a circular form of logic) :)

            However do not let this stop you from asking more questions Tomas. This forum is a place of sharing of knowledge and experience and thereby learning. Learning is best done by integrating information from a variety of sources not being spoonfed facts from one. I learn from you as well.


          Tomas Zobal
          PSTEC User

            Thank you guys.

            Peter, you took it completely wrong. That was not my intention at all! I was simply curious why a generic rule (include triggers) wasn't what I was seeing on the forum where generic advice is given. I didn't even think about time being a factor and that Positive Secrets came out much later.

            Again, I wasn't trying to devalue the advice and help you provide here!

            Paul, I have been mainly focused on regular click tracks, EEFs and accelerators. I sometimes use PN as well. I want to start using PP now, that's why I'm looking up old posts here to see what hurdles people run into, how to avoid them, etc.

            Peter Bunyan
            PSTEC User


              No problem, just my poor attempt at humor. Your question was valid and required some response.

              Mostly the advice I give on positive statements (from Secrets) is about softening down the statement from an absolute and stepping up again through a progressive series of statements. My own twist on this is to give them a beleivability test similar to the 0-10 count before and after the Click Tracks. You start with a soft statement you can believe rather than one which you would like to believe, and when you say it to yourself you immediatly doubt that it will happen. The time target element (also from Secrets) is a bit more difficult without talking about another difficult concept “non-attachment to outcome”. No matter how well crafted your statement is, if you desperately want it to happen, then it might not. If your time target misses and you get disappointed and give up thinking PSTEC does not work then the real problem is in emotions and not Click Tracking enough, or on the right things.
              When you have been Click Tracking for a while and got some more JEEP back into your life then you are more likely to be ready for the Positives. For others reading this; to understand how to construct more effective statements please consider purchasing Positive Secrets. (How was that? Not too pushy?)  ;D


              Tomas Zobal
              PSTEC User

                I really like the progression of statements method. As you and Tim point out, if there is an inner resistance or a huge gap between the current belief and our positive statement, it's less likely for our subconscious mind to accept it. 

                Trigger vs non attachment. I instinctively felt some inner resistance about including a time frame. It felt like I'd be locking myself into a set, predetermined time window… and as you say, what if it doesn't work out? Also, if there is a sense of desperation, it works against us.

                Starting the positive statement with “From now on…” feels good. And it is a trigger, if I understand it correctly.

                To me, at this point, it feels better to include a trigger that is connected with the beginning, as opposed to with the end result.

                And for the record, you never came across as pushy.

                Peter Bunyan
                PSTEC User


                  Thank you!

                  “What if it doesn't work out”… Imagine just that , it not working out, and what might happen because of it. Now Click Track that “imagining”. That resistance is emotional.


                  Tomas Zobal
                  PSTEC User

                    Exactly, Peter. That is the reason why I have been working with click tracks addressing the emotions as opposed to beliefs. I have a lot of negative self talk happening. But since beliefs and emotions are often intertwined and one feeds the other in endless loops, I think it's time to start using PN and PP more often.

                    Thank you for all the great advice!

                    Peter Bunyan
                    PSTEC User


                      Positive statements are similar to the Counter Statements in PSTEC Negative and in PSTEC and Mindfulness if a bit less targeted. If you find difficulty in producing them, then it is a sign that your underlying negative emotions are still in control.


                      Tomas Zobal
                      PSTEC User

                        Yes, you are right about that. I have a lot more clicking to do.


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