Positive Suggestions to Get You Started and Using PSTEC Consistently

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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

    We've all downloaded PSTEC and stall, get stuck, can't find time, drift away and come back…

    Here are some positive suggestions to use with the new Positive Quantum Turbo to develop a nice “habit” with PSTEC.

    I'll always remember everything as I'm safe with PSTEC now
    As I use PSTEC I'll follow Tim's instructions always
    PSTEC is always more powerful with every moment I listen now
    PSTEC works better with every word of Tim's voice now
    PSTEC releases my emotions faster and easier all the time now
    My negative feelings always release fully and completely with PSTEC now
    My problems clear instantly as I'm free after using PSTEC now
    Anytime I feel stuck I will always use PSTEC immediately now
    I'll use PSTEC every day as I'm done making excuses now
    I always make time for PSTEC as life gets better now
    Bad feelings and memories always leave my body instantly now
    The more I use PSTEC the less problems I'll have from now on
    I don't have to be afraid of my feelings anymore as I use PSTEC now
    Using PSTEC is like going to the gym as I always feel powerful now
    PSTEC is effortless mental excercise as I do it every day now
    Everytime I use PSTEC I'll forget about all my problems from now on
    I'll always keep going with PSTEC as I feel more freedom now

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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