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    Earl Westergaard
    PSTEC User

      I have been using this every day, often back to back several times in a row, to get the most power out of the system. I seem to slip into a hypnotic state while doing the clicktrack. This is not a statement so much as a question, has this kind of thing happened for anyone else, is this common or uncommon, if so how did this kind of thing occur for others?

      Here is one example.

      Today I was thinking about doing several things but unable to do any of them.

      Sort of the mind on 'spin cycle'.

      Then I did the clicktrack and focused on that feeling.

      I did one session followed by a second session.

      In the middle of the session while I was physically tapping my mind went 'somewhere' I knew the 'somewhere' was not my mind wandering to a different topic. I was still focused on the issue only in a different way.

      I was aware that I had gone elsewhere because I was sort of brought back by the tones and tapping. Then I went back to tapping and focusing.

      After a few moments again my mind went 'somewhere' and the same thing. I was awake and 'asleep' but not asleep and I was focused on the issue but my body was not participating and then I was back.

      Is this a deep deep state of hypnosis, meditation or what have some of your experiences been with this? It's an odd sort of experience I must admit and I wonder how unusual my experience is?

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        It seems strange to me that no one has yet replied to your question. I have been intrigued by it, but kind of hoping one of the advanced practitioners would step in. However since they have not, here is my twopence worth.
        Hypnosis – Click Tracks are not hypnotic as others Paul McKenna for example, however we are as I understand it permanently in a state of trance, just lighter or deeper. When listening to Tim's voice we have allowed him to talk directly to our sub-conscious, at the same time we retain a level of conscious attention to clicking in time. As the click tracks work on several levels at the same time, it seems to me that you could easily slip from one to another, much as you describe, althought the experience could be different for each one of us since we are talking about an illogical, emotionally driven system. Overall I would expect odd shifts like yours to be fairly common… any one else care to comment?

        Earl Westergaard
        PSTEC User

          Thank you Peter,

          I have to admit I was hoping for an experience or two or at least some thoughts about this. I see the comparison between clicktrack's style of hypnosis and McKenna's style of hypnosis.

          I also suspect that the idea of fractionation was in my awareness and the fractionation of doing one session, coming back a little, then doing another session, taking you 'deeper' as they say could be part of my experience.

          Sometimes I would do say 3 sessions in a row, which one has to admit is a good chunk of time, but I believe it is very much worth it. I have done this for years with different hypnosis and meditation recordings. Not all of the time only when I really want to tackle an issue with a lot of focus and vigor.

          Funny you should mention McKenna. I have a few of his things. So let's say I 'need' to relax, I would listen to something of his on relaxation. Now I'm relaxed, but I think to myself, I want to relax even more, but not drift into sleep. I just hit play again and go even 'deeper'.

          Maybe after that I feel good in my body and mind and that is enough, but maybe not so one more time and even 'deeper'. Then I stop and listen to my body/mind and if it's 'happy' I can either lay there enjoying the feelings for who knows how long or I can drift off to sleep for a bit.

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi E …

            Click Tracks are not really a hypnotic tool or meditative tool, per se.  In fact, unlike most hypnosis and meditation, there is a required concentration or focus on the issue, trying hard to feel the feeling (remember, it's not important to feel it, just try hard to feel it) and doing your best to keep up with the tapping and clicks and tones.

            So, do people “zone out”, think about making dinner, think nothing is happening, even fall sleep, etc. ,etc.?  Sure, all sorts of experiences occur and, as Peter said, different people have different reactions.

            I have experienced and worked with others that were probably only able to focus on the issue about half the time because they zoned out, fell asleep or were thinking of something else.

            Sometimes that is all that's necessary and the issue is neutralized.  Other times, we have to run it more than once.  Sometimes, the subconscious does the rest of the work and no more conscious effort is needed… bottom line is you just never know.

            But, as you do more of this work with PSTEC and stay aware, you do get an idea of how this works for you and how your subconscious operates and then, for you, it becomes a bit more predictable… most of the time.

            My instructions for those types of occurrences; zoning out, mind wandering, etc.?  Do your best to bring your conscious attention back to the issue at hand.  Just like tapping to the clicks and tones… do your best.

            What if I zone out and don't “do my best?”

            No matter… re-rate the issues and if it's 0-1; move on.  If it's above 0-1, run it again. And to be doubly sure, cross the memory/imagined event off, but keep it and revisit a few days or weeks later and see if it is still completely netralized or not.

            You see…

            What is important is results … how you react while you do the Click Tracks is not imporant UNLESS it gets in the way.  Yes, sometimes those reactions are resistance, but that's the True purpose of the Conscious Mind… to shift your attention back to the issue and go again.

            Sometimes we have to “prove” to the sub that we are serious and it takes a few separate moments of effort for it to relent “control.”

            E, you may find that your mind “goes somewhere” each time or sometimes and that may just be your individual mind process… get to know it… experiment with it and, with any experiment, do it in a way that allows you to “measure” the results.



            Peter Bunyan
            PSTEC User

              Would E's use of looping to reinforce the effect of PSTEC tracks as in post 1 make the mind splitting more likely?
              Could one use  positive to keep one's mind more focused with a statement to the effect of “I can be more focused when listening to Click Tracks”?
              Would E be better off using Accelerators?

              Jeff Harding
              PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                Hi Peter… well, the Accelerators can always be helpful, unless someone is completely open and aware of the memories, emotions and beliefs that are the source of the issue, then they are probably not necessary.

                With E, in his post, I did not read anything that expressed a difficulty in recall nor lack of progress… so, it depends upon that.

                If someone is not having recall issues, I keep it simple and stick with the free Basic Click Tracks.

                I also, from his post, do not have an indication on whether he is experiencing results… shifts in perception… so, again, it depends upon whether he's “stuck” or not.  I only bring in more advanced aspects if there is complexity and difficulty… otherwise, K.I.S.S. … Keep It Simple Sweethearts.

                I always assume that the simple PSTEC approach will work … and it usually does … I need to “see” that a simple approach is not working, then I will move in other directions; using different strategies.  And, if it's a long term issue… one that takes some time … then I will use various aspects to keep the therapy fresh.

                But, again, K.I.S.S.



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