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    Jeff Harding
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      I am currently using Pstec to resolve some anxiety issues that I have when I play in organized basketball games. On the day of the game I feel the anxiety rising higher and higher and during the games I feel like I am moving at half speed. I usually get fatigued pretty easily and play below my level in my basketball league. How can I use Pstec to eliminate this type of crippling anxiety?



      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Erik!

        Ah, this is sweet, my man… I am a former basketball junkie… got the knees to prove it. :- ) Even spent many years coaching and if I knew then what I know now with PSTEC! Sports Performance is a perfect fit for PSTEC.

        Ok, Koach Kepi here (Kepi is Hawaiian for Jeff) to help you out because fatigue just does not mix well with basketball, right?

        There are a few steps here to consider in finding the source of the anxiety and as you do the work with PSTEC, the source or cause will be revealed to you… sometimes quickly, other times only if you persist…

        1. Take the last time you remember having the anxiety. Remember that moment? As you remember that moment, can you feel any emotion or feelings about it now? When you have the memory and the feeling, that is one specific that you can focus on with the use of the free Basic PSTEC Click Track.

        2. As you remember that recent anxiety event, ask yourself these questions and note the following for each memory…

        • A short description of the memory, just a few words
        • The emotion or feeling
        • Rate the emotion or feeling on a scale of 0-10
        • [/list]Questions…

        • When was another anxiety moment before that?
        • … and before that? … and before that?
        • When was the biggest anxious event you remember?
        • When did the anxiety begin related to basketball?
        • When did the anxiety begin that may have been related to something other than basketball?
        • [/list]3. Ask yourself this… Why are you anxious? What do you have to be nervous or fearful about?

          Take the answer or answers and ask when that particular concern or fear began in life… when did you first feel that way?

          4.  As you move through these experiences that support your mind model's idea that anxiety serves you, we need to have a way to test the level of anxiety. So, take an imaged event of going on the court and see if you feel that anxious feeling as you go on the court in your mind. How does it feel… 0-10?

          5. When the feeling is down quite a bit, maybe about 0-2 or so from #4 above, you can begin to play with the PSTEC Positive (PP) by forming a Positive Statement or Target for how you wish to approach the game and start installing that belief using PP.

          Here is a recent interview I did with Meghan on social anxiety… a different situation than your game, but, basically it was about her going out to perform in a sense. So, listen to how she approached it as it illustrates this process very, very well.

          I also recommend use of the PSTEC Accelerators to speed things up.

          As on of my old mentors, John Wooden, used to say, “Be quick but don't hurry.”

          Take care… Aloha!


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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