PSTEC Click Tracks for Exam Nerves

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    Paul McCabe
    PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

      Hi everyone,

      With exam season approaching in a lot of schools, colleges and Universities, a lot of students and pupils may be experiencing a tremendous amount of dread. For many people, doing exams and even thinking of doing exams can be terrifying.  :-

      Fear, nerves and anxiety (or however you choose to describe the effects of it) can get in the way of a polished performance, can impact preparation, can create all manner of unwanted behavioural and emotional effects.  It is certainly worth eliminating this fear and, in so doing, position exams/tests in their proper context.

      The existing PSTEC Click Tracks can work very reliably to significantly reduce and even eliminate these fears.

      However, the recently-released PSTEC Exam Fear Eraser audios are more optimised, and certainly specialised, when it comes to alleviating exam nerves.

      I am pointing this out, as I have had great results using the tracks (along with the free Click Tracks) with my own daughter who was initially “terrified” of doing her exams to being “absolutely fine”, and she has completed her exams now. The effect was brilliant  :D

      If anyone has any questions about the tracks, please let me know. I am also keen to learn how other users got on with this powerful new tool.


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    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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