PSTEC does not work. Why?

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      SP you may want to read the book Guilt, Shame,and Anxiety by Dr. Breggin.It covers a lot of ground.
      That is the book that convinced me it is fear that holds back in life. But if you cannot feel the fear how do you know it is fear? If you work on the fear and it does not get better, maybe it is not fear. But then what is it? Emotions that have never been dealt with? Perhaps. Strange I am not depressed nor do I feel like I am a loser. Yet I have achieved nothing in life either.
      Back to the click track.
      Good luck SP.

      PSTEC User

        Thanks zoomy i'll definitely check it out…
        I am depressed for sure.. And why everything makes me miserable is because I have this definite feeling that I am talented that I am much above average, don't know if everyone has that feeling but I do.. I don't feel I don't deserve to be successful in life and I mean really successful..
        I have come to a point where I feel very much like a deer frozen in front of headlights which are my issues…

        And now I feel like am filling this thread with too much negativity :)
        At least currently am really fucked up…

        Thanks for the recommendation i'll check it out ASAP

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          Btw how old are you zoomy?

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            I am 60.

            PSTEC User

              How long have you been struggling with your issues?
              The older I get more I realize how bad life gets with unresolved issues with each passing year…

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                Been a life long struggle. I have found the older I get the worse “it” gets. I have tried many things over the years and very little success.

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                  Yeah that's what I was saying..scary!

                  I hope PSTEC works for you or you soon figure out why its not or how it'll.

                  I have not used it enough yet to say from personal experience that it works for sure, but I hope it does, PSTEC is the only thing which gives me hope right now..

                  Peter Bunyan
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                    Hi SP

                    Hope is the starting point, PSTEC gets you off the start line. Since you do not know whether you are in a sprint or a marathon all you can do is focus on the next step, knowing that each one gets you closer. The commitment to keep on going is required so you need some idea of your goal so you know what you are doing it all for. What sort of person do you want to be? Not just the same old you but without the issues. This cannot work because your issues have become part of you. A new you in mind is what gives your subconscious the primer for change, so it knows what to do. It only works positively, your sub cannot understand the negative of just losing issues, so give it a  new positive image. This is likely to generate lots of excuses as to why it cannot be done, it is the negative feelings behind these excuses which need to be Click Tracked. These feelings generate the negative self talk which keeps you the same old you.
                    I'm 63 and I worked out that I was bipolar when I was 19. PSTEC has been the most successful therapy for me and I only wish it had been around 40 years ago not just the last half a dozen. It would have changed my life for the better dramatically.
                    Thanks Tim!
                    Any more questions keep on posting them.

                    PSTEC User

                      Thanks peter, Your explanation about issues part of the old self concept, makes sense…hadn't thought in those terms…

                      I will definitely keep the forum posted about my journey….

                      Evan Bageris
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                              Dear Zoomy, 
                        Did you think I was judging you?  I wasn't.  I was seriously impressed by your ability to gather resources and speak openly about what you're going through.  You are asking the right questions which is why I suggested that you might be closer to a breakthrough than you think.
                        I wanted to see you get that breakthrough because you deserve it.
                            It was kind of weird that you would respond to my offer like that, but then I realized I might have come off as patronizing.  The thing is, who cares how I came across.  When was the last time a stranger offered to help with you with $200, or whatever it would cost?  I didn't even check for rates.  Has it ever happened?  But you just said thanks away and went on about how no one can help you.  Argue for your limitations and they are yours.  I don't believe you would take up all this room on the forum if you were truly hopeless.  Don't give up,  your beliefs that you are helpless may be the biggest obstacle in your way.  You made it sixty years, you can switch out of the victim role by seeing your recovery or path to wellness as a challenge.  But please don't stop trying just so you can be right about your awful situation.  A great book for you might be “Man's Search for Meaning,” by Victor Frankl.  Nobody is beyond help,  and help can mean genuine happiness.  Pstec does work,  your main objective is to prove that it doesn't.  Who is the brains behind this con, Tim or Jeff?  I think Peter came up with the idea………and don't get me satrted on Sally……..All in fun,
                        Best of luck to you,

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