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    Sindee Lee Gillespie
    PSTEC User

      Hi –

      There wasn't a topic “ticked right off at my Mom” so I'm not sure if this is even where to post anger issues?

      My Mom has come to stay with me and either I am successful with PSTEC or I will tell her to leave. I am an adult (my Mom 70) and it is more irritation about having someone in my space/face 24/7 since I have been living on my own for 10+ years and loving it.

      Is the most effective way to use the click track to play it while I scream inwardly everything I want to say to her? I've had plenty of counseling (many years ago) and follow LOA enough to know that I'm at choice about how I view the situation. Right now I cannot seem to shift from just being MAD!

      Please advise the best use of PSTEC for this type of upset since it isn't a past memory or a future fear.

      Thank you!

      With much appreciation,


      PSTEC User

        Even one second in the past is a past memory and one second in the future can be a future fear. You can think of this time she's been there and find a time you've been angry or irritated and then focus on the emotion. Or alternatively imagine a time in the future, even imagine going into the same room as her now and think how you feel and then focus on that emotion and run the click track. You can magnify the thought too, so you could imagine doing something important and private and then your mum walking in unannounced and pestering you completely oblivious to how you feel. She's relentless, starts looking through your things and nagging you and being completely invasive.

        The best thing is to capture the emotion at its peak. So you can also scream inwardly or even outwardly but with the purpose of maximising the emotion. Once the emotion has hit that high point then you want to stop screaming and focus on the emotion. If you keep screaming it'll distract you from focusing on the emotion.

        There's also a Magic Sentences for Anger that can help you shift towards a more positive outlook. You could also use PStec Positive to instill positive beliefs as well.

        Sindee Lee Gillespie
        PSTEC User

          Oz -thank you very much for your input! Your information is good and I appreciate your reply –


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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