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    L B
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      the instructions at the beginning of click track says focus on negative event or thought in mind..

      how do I do this exactly, do I just think about what want to change and leave it at that?

      for example “I don't feel confident around people” and just tap along with that thought in my mind for the 15 mins audio?

      I don't have any negative feeling coming up, so just focusing on that thought okay?


      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi lb

        The quick answer – Thinking a “thought” while Clicking will work, just not as effectively as re-living an event with feelings. In the context of self-therapy (Clicking) the “thoughts” you choose to work with are likely to have bad feelings around them, otherwise why are you trying to do something about it?

        The longer answer – We (humans) are animals driven by feelings and emotions but having evolved with the ability to communicate with symbolic language we tend to think that we are rational, logical and superior. However the language comes after the feelings usually as a result of trying to express those feelings in a “civilised way. You might in a non-verbal way give someone a kiss because that is how you feel. It may not however be “appropriate”. You might punch someone in a very non-verbal way which might also be very inappropriate or not legal. So we talk in a more sophisticated way, with varying degrees of success. Feelings behind a “thought” can become diluted and mixed, if you can access the negative feeling directly then PSTEC has more of a focus to work on.

        Your example “I don't feel confident…” is rather abstract, if that were the case then you would have had experiences, incidents from your past, either recent or a long time ago which give rise to that belief. If you can, recall the incident that you most rather did not happen to you and run that through your mind over and over while
        while “clicking”. Again in your example “I don't feel confident…” you have just described a “feeling”!

        Your conscious mind works with logic and language, your subconscious with feelings, between the two is your imagination. Imagination is a workspace for memories and future scenarios accessed by both feelings and language. If you cannot recall any events from your past which for you do not have any attached feelings then you can imagine a future worst case thing happening to you which does. Example – fear of flying because you are afraid the plane will crash.

        Your subconscious also has a protective way of making you “forget” painful past traumatic experiences or “numb” them. In this sort of case then it might be best to start with “Clicking” on some other more minor unrelated issue and getting used to the Click Tracks so you know they work and are “safe” before attempting to recall something so traumatic.

        I hope the above helps, if not please reply and tell us a little more about your situation and issues.


        L B
        PSTEC User


          when I am out and I feel social anxiety the feeling/emotions obviously are very noticeable, however when doing the click track I cant bring these emotions/feelings in that moment.  if I try hard it I cant come even remotely close to what I would feel in that moment when i am suffering from anxiety.

          hope that makes sense 

          Peter Bunyan
          PSTEC User


            You have choices!

            1) Even though you find it hard to get emotion/anxiety anywhere near the “real” thing when recalling/reliving incidents while “Clicking”, keep trying anyway. Hopefully this will help loosen up the repression blocking the feelings.

            2) Imagine a future scene that would trigger the anxiety, imagine the anxiety and run the Click Track with that in mind.

            3) If you know what the traumas were that were the originating events causing the anxiety then recall those and run the track. If you cannot remember any event/events perhaps due to the same repression that blocks your feelings. Then back to 1). It is quite common for people who have been using PSTEC for a while to suddenly remember events that have been “buried” or forgotten for many years.

            4) Use the Click Tracks for some other minor unrelated issues first and just get into the habit of using them before attempting to work on the major issue.

            5) The repression of memories is set up by fears, fear of reliving the pain of the original event/s, perhaps fear of change. These fears will be unique to you but these might also be “Clickable” if you can access them.

            It is difficult for me to advise the best way forward as everyone is different and what works for you may not for others. So you may just have to try and work your way through these in order to find out. Starting maybe with what “feels” the safest to you.

            I am not sure if I have answered your questions yet! Please get reply and let me know.

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