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      Hey everyone…. Ive been using pstec as of late and all i can say is this is truly amazing. Tim has given the world such an amazing gift here. I just wanted to ask a few questions hopefully jeff or meghan etc could fire back some answers to questions ive had on my mind for a few days.

      1. Can pstec change literally any beleif or emotion within your sub. For example if i pick a random beleif for example lets say “i think i am very silly and unintelligent” and lets say this is something ive held on to for years, if i then target the emotion attached to that, could i then start changing the belief into the opposite? Im assuming YES.So what im basically saying is you can CHANGE ANY BELIEF YOU HAVE WITH THIS APPROACH?… I always thought this would cause problems as what holds the beleif “in tact” is real life expeirence and you cannot recreate this. All your doing is compounding a statment to reach and land in your sub. How is that possible. Because by the way im understanding this, pstec then really has truly no limitations (within mind) because after all isnt there really no such thing as knowledge? Its really all Belief.

      2. This partly links with the first question. I have heard Tim say normally before using PP you need to remove the negative emotion from an issue, but what do you do if there is BELIEFS holding those selected emotions in place? And you cant remove because theres concrete beleifs installed that constantly reinforce themselves after the CT work. How can you tackle it as it seems a circle as you cant tackle the beleifs with Pstec Positive as theres negative emotion there so i assume it will never be accepted and constantly rejected by ones sub? It seems a loop.

      Very interested to hear the answers to the above, many thank you's to all, Kay

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha Kay!

        Can you change ANY emotion or belief with the PSTEC Tools?  Let's look at that…

        There can be various factors that hold a belief in place.  As you said, experiences can hold those in place, but also beliefs are formed as a result of what we are told.

        So, focus on experiences or memories and also what you have been told by parents, teachers, doctors, coaches and other figures of authority when it comes to the particular subject you are looking to shift.

        Remember, as you consider this, be sure to blow a K.I.S.S. periodically so as to keep it simple sweethearts;D  In other words, don't get too intellectual or analytical, ok? Promise me that and then we will move along here.  ;)

        The strength of a belief will be based upon the severity of the experience (read: intensity of emotion) and the perceived level of authority of the person or people that express those beliefs to you (or some variation of them).  Add to that OTHER beliefs that help support it along with repetition to the mix, then that belief can become more and more entrenched as a pattern in your life.

        Now, you touched on something also very important here, “… this is something ive held on to for years… “.  An aspect of your approach can be helpful when you address the issue of “why” are you are hanging onto this belief.  What's the benefit of keeping it … what is the disadvantage of letting it go or changing it … what would you lose with it?  If you are aware of why you want to hang onto it, address those reasons through the use of Click Tracks for emotional reasons and PSTEC Positive on OTHER beliefs that help to hold it in place, then changing your targeted belief will be much easier.

        What if the beliefs and emotions are intertwined, like an endless loop… can you still change any belief and emotion?

        Well, if you keep in the mind the above aspects and address them “together” then, yes, you can break into that loop… segment the emotions and CT them … and also segment the belief and any OTHER supporting beliefs using PP.

        As a “basic” guideline, yes, we lower emotions first and then once those are lowered, then we address the belief issues with PP.

        There are several basic scenarios…

        • You first CT anything related to the thought or belief.  Sometimes, that's all that is necessary and the beliefs fall with the emotions… done!
        • You first CT anything related to the thought or belief. But, you still feel there is a belief that “has remained.”  So, once the emotions are 0-1, you craft and use PP from that moment on until you “feel” the belief has changed for you.
        • You CT the emotions, then craft a statement for PP.  Then, when you run PP, more emotions come up.  You CT those and once down to 0-1 again, you use your PP on the statement again.  This may occur several times as the subconscious reveals more and more as you continue your persistence in changing the belief.
        • [/list]Even if you “think” (there's that intellectualism coming out) that the beliefs hold the emotions in rather than the other way around, being with the CT's on emotions and once the emotions lower, then use PP.
          It's not that emotions hold beliefs in place or that beliefs hold emotions in place… neither one is really true.  They merely work together.  It's that emotions keep PP from “landing” nicely in the sub.  When emotions are high, it's very difficult to make new suggestions because of the nature of the power of emotions within the mind.
          Read this several times, if needed, because when you look at it this way … a believe me, it's very reliable … then you realize the answer to your questions are as follows…

          1. Can we change any belief?
          2. Are there any limitations to the possibilities with PSTEC?
          3. [/list]My experience…

          1. Yes.
          2. No.
          3. [/list]Malama Pono

        PSTEC User

          Hi Jeff

          I just posted a message related to this (I think) and only saw your posting after it had been sent.  I might have buried emotions which needs uncovering or maybe they've been worked on with other systems in the past.  I don't know what is but , there does seem to be a blockage or fear. 


          Meghan Saunders
          PSTEC User

            Hi Kay –

            I see Jeff already hopped on this but I want to confirm that I agree 100%!

            1. Can we change any belief? – – – I too think YES
            2. Are there any limitations to the possibilities with PSTEC?  – – –  There is no limit from my experience – – (aside from our limiting beliefs – ha ha – – – which we know can be corrected with PSTEC)  PSTEC continues to impress me years later.
            3. [/list]
              You are correct – – – it is FULL CIRCLE – – – and you can now roll your circle in a positive direction by using PSTEC.  Watch your positive snowball grow and then steamroll over your old negative merry-go-round!

              My litmus test was to do PSTEC work and then put myself in situations that might trigger emotions or beliefs.  I would then observe myself, take notes and then know what I needed to work on with the Click Tracks both basic and pstec positive.  In a very short time span – it was all just swept away & it is only in thinking back on my experiences in order to relate them that I even recall – “how I used to feel”

              I agree Tim has given us a very valuable & useful gift/tool with his work.  Gratitude!  I am happy to hear that you are experiencing the amazing-ness!  Best to you on your continued success! – – – meghan

            PSTEC User

              HI !!!
              I have one question. For some time I use EFT technique, so I wonder why are these two techniques in conflict and how can I use this technique parallel with EFT?
              Thank you :)

              PSTEC User

                Jeff and Meghan – thanks very much for your answers.

                I am finding as of late the whole PSTEC System has really changed my outlook and beliefs on self help and in general of ones mind ability. You guys have to understand from my first impressions of PSTEC were it being along the lines of “this seems too perfect, this cannot work” to where I am now is a 180 in the opposite direction… maybe that’s the same belief that stop so many other people from even trying the techniques… because in my opinion if you could say to someone who wants to better themselves that there’s a technique out there that can release negative emotions within minutes, many would argue that no such a thing can… and then you explain that the inventor is giving the initial system to you for FREE! The saying “if it’s too good to be true then it probably is” might come to mind. But PSTEC really just blow your socks off. More people need to hear about this therapy.

                Anyway back on to initial topic, your answers for Can PSTEC change any belief? and Are there any limitations to the possibilities with PSTEC? Were pretty much what I expected. And I near on too 100% agree but there’s 1 question my  Mind Model can’t seem to accept, So know please shed some light and see if you can help me get my head around this…

                “If PSTEC can change… “any belief” now I label belief as the same from mental e.g. “I think I get angry too much” to physical “I think it’s a warm day outside”. So let’s say 3 people are in a sitting room and the entrance doors blue, I walk into the room and want to change my belief so that the door seems green to me. Is this even possible? Because this is Belief is it not?

                I know this sounds incredibly silly, but there is an important point at what I'm trying to understand here. Because with that physical example, this seems a concrete belief that no one could ever see the door as a different colour as it goes against everything you have ever been taught, but this was the same LEVEL of belief I held about myself for certain things within my mind. So it is very relevant in that aspect.
                From what I have been taught (this is my personal opinion) there is really no such thing as knowledge it is all belief in a REAL sense. Obviously knowledge about something comes from experience of similar situated events where one pre-judges the outcome right? An example would be if I dropped a pen on my desk, my minds belief is that gravity will make it hit the table but even from that am I correct in thinking… I don’t know the pen will I guess we just THINK we know?

                I hope this makes sense and you two see what I'm talking about and you don’t think I'm a crazy!, because what’s been on my mind lately is just trying to place PSTEC with logic understanding. And I anticipate that one of you may ask my analytical mind to relax and “K.I.S.S” but please take into account this is the way my mind has been since birth, so when any new intervention comes along like this that WORKS I like to try and understand it thoroughly.

                Because I have been successful with PSTEC I guess my mind model now has to re-adjust all sorts and this is what I'm left with….. anyway ill finish, I hope you guys get what I'm really trying to say here

                Many thank YOU’s


                Meghan Saunders
                PSTEC User

                  Hi again Kay –

                  I don't have an answer for you – – but I'll chime in some things I have observed in my experiences. 

                  1. I live where it often rains and is cold.  In the summer we sometimes get a few days in a row of hot sunny days.  I hear people on what I consider crappy days saying OH, I love days like this.  After 2 days of sunshine I hear – – ugh, I can't stand this heat… 2 whole days???  I can be cold when others are comfortable…. so I find even our perception of weather is relative to our personal experiences that have shaped our preferences.
                  2. Blue door.  What if 2 of the 3 people were color blind and they experience different ranges of colorblindness – – – then, all 3 people are going to see the door as a different color from each other.  I am fascinated with the concept that we do not really see with our eyes – we see with our brain – – – light comes in – it bounces off the 'mind' and then it is reflected outward as what we see – – – so. . . it is dependent upon what we see and I do believe we actually do see things differently and that it can come down to color subtleties to extreme with colorblindness as an example.
                  3. It might be possible to change your belief about a color if you wanted to spend time changing something like that for yourself.  Color is a. . . I don't know – – – a form of communication.  At some point in time 'they' decided that certain colors would be called red, yellow, green as a way to communicate – – – it is an agreement of sorts??? that has been in place for a long time.  It is taught to us from the beginning as a BASIC – listen to people talk to babies about color – – red, apple – – green, grass – – – blue sky.  It is one of the first things repeatedly drilled into the mind – – – associate this color with the word blue – – – that is why the door is considered blue.  Just look around you right now and see how much blue your mind recognizes without thought – it is far advanced because it was drilled in early.  But color varies and is subjective.
                  4. I worked in fabrication & as a painter for many years and we had to match color all the time.  Some colors were used over and over for years so you would eventually have to rematch a specific color to a chip of paint that was specially formulated – we did not have ratios like paint stores so we had to eyeball it.  We also had to match other mediums in one color so you had to match plastic, paint, silicone and fabric all in one color – – – the color has no name – – – it is just “Marv's Pants” or “Sally's hair”.  So several people have to do this job and it is very obvious that sometimes the colors do not match – sometimes debate ensues because they clearly do not match (?) – – – so basically you have to convince enough people that your color does match or the color has to be fixed until enough people agree they match.  Does that make sense?
                  5. I went to a paint store a few weeks ago and wanted this deep candy apple red from a card they had in the store meaning they had the formula in house and should have just been able to shoot the appropriate amount of pigment into the paint to mix it however when they opened the lid the color was nowhere near the color I wanted.  The paint guy tried to convince me that with the right primer and several coats of this UGLY paint I would get the color I wanted.  I explained that I could use ten coats and it will never dry to be the red of this chip.  His belief was that the paint would dry to the color I wanted – – – my experience + belief said NEVER.  They had to bring the manager in for an opinion.  When he asked how it was made it was disclosed that he had not used the formula provided by the branded paint company I requested – – – he used a formula that was created by a paint mixer at one of their other stores who once tried to make this color for someone at some other point in time before they carried this brand.
                  6. [/list]Color is subjective and color is something that is repeatable.  You can create a formula by using pigments and get duplicate results. 

                    One last example on color – – – how many times have you been out and purchased something that would go great with  __________________ only to get home and see that it is so far from a match it is comical?

                    The door is blue because we were conditioned to associate a name (BLUE) to a color range.  Just like eventually my mind is conditioned to recognize Marv's Pants as a color.

                    “I think I get angry too much” – – – I have come to correlate nutritional deficiencies and imbalances to also contribute to moods and 'personality'.  When the body is out of mineral balance a person may get angry too much and think wow that's not 'normal' – – – I am finding using nutritional balancing coupled with pstec to be a great combo.

                    my online nutrition practice:

                  Peter Bunyan
                  PSTEC User

                    Hi K
                    Great question and I feel I must jump in and reply. The straight quick answer is YES you can change your belief that the door is green not blue. I know this is a trivial example but you would need to want to see it differently. It might seem obvious that it is hard to disregard the evidence of our own eyes, but hold on, what is it our eyes see? Your eyes are like a camera and see an image of a door, your optic nerve feeds that image into the brain where your mind records it. Your mind records it by associating it with previous memories like other things you have seen the same colour which your parents/teachers etc called “Blue”. In other countries they call it a different name, in other cultures they see different colours altogether. Other animals see colours outside the range of our eyes ability to perceive. So we only put into our mind model a fraction of what we call “reality”. Furthermore to misquote Simon and Garfunkel from “The Boxer” “you only see, what you want to see and disregard the rest”.  From personal experience I saw a car driver looking at me, but he did not see me, I would not have cycled in front of him had I not observed him looking at me, but I ended up a bloody mess in the road. I do not believe he intended to hit me. He looked but did not see. I did not “appear on his radar” that is I was not in his mind model, till he hit me.
                    So is it possible to change your belief… yes. The only thing is the many thousands of times you have seen  “Blue” things continually reinforcing the network of mental associations of “Blueness” creating a really powerful belief. If you wore special glasses that changed blue things to say green and wore them continuously for a couple of weeks when you took them off you would continue for a while to see blue as green. The door has not changed only the way your mind manipulates what your eyes see. So yes it is possible, you might need a good reason in order to outweigh such a strong belief.
                    Your mind model is a network of associations formed from sensory inputs filtered by previous experience. Any new pattern of sensory input is placed into memory (added to your mind model) with a “name” the next time you experience a similar pattern of input you say ah-ha it is a “name”, with repetition you get more and more confident this really is a “name”. PSTEC positive is only swopping the “name” you have associated with previous inputs. For a really huge network of associations you would have to loosen up that “confidence” so that your sub-conscious is prepared to accept the “name” change.
                    All of this post is me trying to get you to see the issue in slightly different way, attempting to “soften” up your belief, loosen your “confidence”.
                    Now do you think with the aid PSTEC you could see blue doors as green?  :)


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