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      Is there a methodology to ask the sub-concious what are the causual factors of a performance blockage?  I have a significant string of failed events and do not know the cause.

      Thank you,
      Harold Hoffmann

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Harold … when you are working on your own, the best way is to become excellent at noticing what “bubbles” up from the subconscious.  It will come in the form of memories, emotions, feelings, images, imagined events and thoughts. 

        When you notice something that is contrary to your conscious intentions and desires, write that down … take a look at it … and use your PSTEC Tools to effect change.

        It's funny you should say “… methodology to ask the sub-conscious…”; the answer is right there … ask!

        If you have a feeling, let's say, of anger, ask yourself … ask your mind … “Where did that come from?  When did that get started?”
        You see?

        Then, be aware of what comes up.

        This may take some practice because, for most of us, we are not used to listening.

        PSTEC Accelerators
        To help you with this, Tim has included suggestions in all PSTEC tracks to encourage the subconscious to reveal what's related to the issue you are focusing on.  But, to “turbo charge” your subconscious recall, the PSTEC Accelerators will help you with that.

        A few other points:

        • When you CT a particular memory, during and afterward, notice if any other memories or thoughts come up.  Those are part of the source of your issue.  Jot them down and address them with the appropriate PSTEC Tool.
        • Also pay special attention to beliefs… they usually come in the form of specific thoughts.  For example, if you CT a memory of failure, the feelings may go to zero, but you may notice a thought akin to, “I can't possibly be successful because I'm not smart enough.”  That would be a belief and should be addressed with PSTEC Positive.
        • CT each of your failed events and pay attention to other memories that come up.  I would probably begin with the earliest memory of failure and after CT'ing the earlier one or two, reevaluate the more recent ones and see if they shift in terms of emotional intensity.
        • Also, related memories may not be logically connected.  If you are addressing failures, other memories may be essential that do not involve “failure.”  CT them anyway… note the feeling and “follow” the feeling to the memories that are at the source.
        • Consider the “Why” Method… here is a description …
        • Don't analyze the why and do not use logic to determine the cause.  Most times, it is not logical.  Just use your skill at being aware and also follow the feelings.  If you feel angry about your failure, be aware of other moments of anger.
        • [/list]Last one…
          Move in the direction of your desire.  If you don't feel any emotional barriers, craft a PP Statement for your desire, run it a few times and notice any thoughts in the way.  Then, look to take action on your desire.  As you move in that direction, the subconscious will object if it is contrary to the mind model and will let you know.
          Trust yourself.  Trust the simplicity.
          Malama Pono!

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