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      I worry I am not opening and closing my eyes enough, too much, too quickly or too slow etc. Sometimes I hear the track for the left hand but realise my right hand is slowly tapping.

      Also on the intro it says if you didn't pay it it wont have the desired affect on the subconscious the same way as if you had have paid? Makes me feel like I have cheated myself by buying it in the sale.

      I NEED this to work for me. I have the stop smoking one. Is there anything else I can do, maybe even before I start it. (I did start but not ready to do the 48 hours yet)

      Also, I listen to subliminals daily, often motivation for housework, self love, clear negative energy etc. Should I take a break from these while doing pstec? Should I go a period without the subs before I start pstec? Can I use stop smoking ones along side?

      Eamon Doherty
      PSTEC User

        Hi Gemma as a fellow pstec user here is my two cents on the first issue. Click track the actual worry about opening and closing your eyes and feeling like your doing it all wrong. Really try to feel angry and frustrated with mixing up the left and the right hands and how many times you are opening and closing your eyes. The instructions tell us to follow as best as we can and not to worry if we don't get everything correct and also to really try to feel the emotions. As long as your really trying it will work just fine ??

        Brian Tucker
        PSTEC User

          Just follow the instructions. Really try as hard as you can to feel the feelings.

          I suggest you imagine that pstec can't help you and will not work. It is impossible to work. Clicktrack that down to a 1 or 0
          Also imagine that you cannot be helped and nothing will help you it is impossible for you to be helped and you will this state forever. Clicktrack that to a 1 or 0

          Stop smoking works I simply followed the instructions and have not even thought of a cigarette in well over a year

          PSTEC User

            So that would be with the negative click track? For negative feelings we want to remove? Not the track used for the affirmations such as i want to quit smoking easily?

            Did you feel ok about going the 48 hours?

            Paul McCabe
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              Hi Gemma,

              Brian created a great thread about his experience of using the Stop Smoking package:


              What Brian and Ed23 were referencing when talking about the Click Tracks would be:

              The Free Click Tracks, the EEF tracks (part of Level 1) and Click Track 2015.

              You could use any, or indeed all of these, to remove the worries you have about Click Tracking properly…or being able to use the Stop Smoking package.

              In any case, as long as you follow the instructions for each track, you will be grand. To paraphrase Tim, it is NOT vital to get every click/right, but do your best in that regard. It will still work, if you miss some taps or if your mind wanders momentarily.

              Hope that clarifies this for you, Gemma.

              Paul  :)

              Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


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