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      Hey, after cleaning a lot of clutter, I feel like I am desensitized from most of the stuff that used to hunt me in the past in social situations, like anxiety, anger, victimization, shame, etc.

      Which is great because when I am with women I feel totally calm, collected and unreactive towards my enviroment. But I am still very introverted.

      I feel like I am here:

      What I am having a hard time is when it comes to take action and take iniciatives in social situations, I don't feel pulled towards doing that.

      And the CTs, which are only for clearing emotional clutter won't help me to develop this motivation.

      I want to feel the urge, motivation, enthusiasm to take more iniciatives, be more curious about people.

      I think PQT will be the tool for this, because I feel like I am an empty buddhist jar, but I am not moved towards being social with new people and being more interested in what people have to say about themselves.

      I want to feel the positive urge towards participating in social interactions and getting to know people, which is 0 right now.

      I want to be at this:

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        Pqt is definitely the tool

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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