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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      As always, I preface this do it yourself, self-help post – that it is not an absolute fixed approach though it is one approach that miraculously worked for my situation. My thoughts are anyone having either or both of these conditions could use this as a foundation to get them at least free enough to see and clean up any leftover specifics that might be causing their “condition”.

      Before I even started working with PSTEC I knew I had a MAJOR procrastination problem that was so bad I was finally at the point I was completely stuck, then frozen and finally paralyzed in many areas of my life. Work, bills, money, doing things around the house, you name it. I was in bad shape!

      I started going after the procrastination with various feelings, there was fear, dread, doom. laziness, avoiding, powerlessness, hopelessness, helplessness etc. Too many fears and self-worth feelings were contributing to it. It was a big knotted ball of STUCK!

      I would clear one of these and it would get better for a day, then be back. This work continued on for several weeks, then months and it seemed like it just would not go away.

      Often we can't see what is going on in us and others can. This is why it's a great idea to work with a PSTEC Practitioner.
      1.) They can more easily spot behaviors and patterns in you that you can't
      2.) They have experience in identifying what might be the root cause of an issue
      3.) They know the tools inside and out and ways to most effectively use them

      It was about that time I discovered a technique that I used on my fear I had developed of wanting to leave the house, travel etc. (agoraphobia) I called “get mad at it” which I have documented here:'get-mad-at-it'/

      So after all this time I decided to try this same technique on my procrastination.


      Because anger can be the root of many problems ranging from panic attacks, anxiety, procrastination, lateness, sex problems, weight issues and irrational fears.

      The click tracks allow you to release anger-related memories and feelings for liberating relief.

      I decided to “get mad at it.” I picked one instance where I really procrastinate at work and got mad about having to deal with that, that I was so sick and tired of feeling this way and how it was affecting my life. I also imagine how absolutely mad and frustrated I was with myself for having this.  I started click track first with a tapping accelerator, really being angry, even hateful that this was in my life and how it was causing problems. Then I moved to a click track and continued getting mad at and also getting mad at myself about it. As I was doing this, several flashes of memories popped into my mind. 5 coaches, I had as a kid flashed in my mind. These coaches were all (as I perceive) very negative, condescending and made me feel like a failure. I realized I had a huge amount of unresolved anger that was causing me to perceive work and the people I worked for as these scenarios. So I took time to resolve all of my anger with these people/events by using the extreme worst case scenario imagined events, being as mad as I possibly could at them, hurt etc for making me feel this way. I got them all down to a 1 or 0. When I was done, that procrastination was done.

      I then decided to do an even bigger slice of procrastination. This would happen when I was in-between contracts with my old career. I again use the same technique “get mad at it” and this time it flashed me a few images from when I was younger I ended a sport, transitioned from one college to the next, moved out of my parent's house and left working a nasty job in a 30-day timespan. I again no surprise I had a tremendous amount of unresolved repressed anger there. It was very clear my subconscious was using this event as a protection mechanism each time I was finished with a contract. It was very debilitating and painful! Naturally, I cleared each of these events and what do you know…The huge procrastination pattern disappeared!

      I have used the “get mad at it” technique with several other stubborn problems and each time it has revealed some past events that took me straight to freedom after unsuccessfully attempting to resolve it directly.

      In the same sense, I have also done this by getting mad at the clicktracks for not clearing something fast enough and it has moved me forward in a big way. (this is also tied to frustration and impatience)

      Often times going after a stubborn problem directly with no results, all you need are a few clues from your past. This technique can reveal a few of those little clues that when resolved, can unlock the chains of your past.

      So when in doubt and you are really stuck, “Get mad at it”. Really REALLY MAD! :)

      Eamon Doherty
      PSTEC User

        Thank you Brian for once again providing truly brilliant information, your openness and wisdom along wth Paul have been a huge help for my overall understanding and targeting the last few months. Getting mad at stuff while clicking really dues indeed work powerfully. All the best Ed.

        Eamon Doherty
        PSTEC User

          # does ?

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            Here is a great article from PSTEC Practitioner April Adams on the PSTEC Register site:


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