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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      Stop smoking package

      To set the stage, I had been a smoker on and off for 25 years. I “enjoyed” smoking.

      I had periods in my life where I smoked for years and periods where I had no desire or chose not to. I am the type of person who could smoke a pack of cigarettes in a day or an entire weekend in Vegas and not touch another one for a very long time.

      I did social smoke quite often and smoked when drinking. With that said, I found myself smoking quite a lot in the last 9 mos, nearly a pack a day. I would not smoke for a few days, maybe a week and then smoke again. I noticed that as I became more mentally and emotionally clear through use of the various PSTEC tools, that it was obvious how much the cigarettes were affecting my energy and feelings.

      With that said, I picked up the Stop Smoking package and made a commitment to give it a go. Being able to not smoke for 48 hour hours was normal/easy for me, so I thought hey why not, let's remove this from my life once and for all.

      Sunday, Monday: Listened to the intro audios and programmed in the positive statements, each 3 times per the instructions.

      I will point out here that on Monday after smoking and listening to the primer it was very apparent what these cigarettes were doing to my nervous system.

      The mental and emotional experience I had was similar to listening to a recording of a heavy metal band and all of the instruments in the mix were turned down to 1 and the guitar was turned up to 11. The guitar would be the thoughts and feelings tied to the effects of cigarettes.

      I did not realize what I was experiencing until later, but at the time, it certainly caught my attention.

      Tuesday, Wednesday: Stopped smoking for 48 hours, drank loads of water as I always do and continued listening to the audios per the instructions. It was no problem not smoking.

      Thursday Morning: Followed the stop process per the instructions. I ran the click tracks 6 times. I ran it on every type of feeling I could think of. Wanting a cigarette, smoking a cigarette, being in a social circle and not smoking etc. All of these feelings are related but slightly different. I then programmed in the positive statements, each 3 times and listened to the hypnosis twice.

      Before I ran the hypnosis track I was having all sorts of strange flashes of thoughts and feelings coming in and out pertaining to smoking. Once I ran the hypnosis tracks it went down considerably.

      At this time I totally felt like being a non-smoker and staying so was no problem.

      Friday Morning; Seemed to have some thoughts and feelings of the various aspects of smoking. I just ran the click tracks twice more on those thoughts and feelings and reran the hypnosis track once again. Probably didn't need to but figured it couldn't hurt.

      Saturday: I had some flashes come in and out but hey no big deal.

      Sunday: So far today, I haven't had any thoughts or feelings for a cigarette unless I consciously stop and try to do so. Even then it is so slight I can just brush it off. I suspect this will just evaporate in another week's time.

      My overall energy is amazing. I will report back in a week with more thoughts and feelings.

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi plus1

        As I gave up smoking many years ago I have not actually tried the package personally. However, what little experince I have had using the therapist version for clients tells me that the problem is “how much” the client wants to give up. They might feel that it is the right thing to do and every one else tells them it would be a good thing to do. While this is admirable it does not help the smoker “give up”.

        My suggestion although perhaps not applicable in your case is to use PSTEC Negative as well as other packages. Using a statement along the lines of “I believe I cannot give up smoking” and the counters ” many others have” “smoking will kill me” and more.

        The above suggestion particularly for those who have tried multiple times to give up and failed.

        For you I would suggest running the hypno track say once a week for at least a few weeks, particularly as we are coming up to the time of year with more social activities taking place and temptation more frequent.


        Brian Tucker
        PSTEC User

          Hey the good news is I was ready and committed to quitting!

          I have listened to the hypnosis track a few more times and it has reduced the feelings even more.

          The feelings I was having was not that of wanting a cigarette but more around the thought and feeling of actually smoking, which in my opinion is no big deal.

          Great advice. Thank you!

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            Happy to report it's been 3 weeks no smoking. Zero thoughts or feelings for smoking in any capacity. This is the easiest thing ever.

            Peter mentioned that a person should want and be ready to quit smoking. I would suggest adding a few other positive suggestions in before you start.

            I no longer want to smoke
            I want to quit smoking
            I am ready to stop smoking forever
            I can now quit smoking
            Now is the time for me to give up smoking

            Brian Tucker
            PSTEC User

              It's been a month. Not a single smoke and now the only time I every get an “urge” (if that's what you want to call it, more like a sensation) is when I am listening to music. It is so slight it is basically insignificant.

              This thing rocks. Highly recommend.

              Peter Bunyan
              PSTEC User

                Hi plus1

                Thanks for your frequent updates and giving us a story of your journey. I hope a few others will be encouraged to share in a similar way.


                Brian Tucker
                PSTEC User

                  It's 6 months later. I'm still a non-smoker around people who smoke heavily all the time and I have zero desire to have a smoke.

                  PSTEC User

                    Thank you for sharing! I just picked up this package too. My entire life has become PsTEC at the moment, so grateful to have had this come into my life.

                    Brian Tucker
                    PSTEC User

                      It's been one year smoke-free. Not a single cigarette and zero desire for one.


                      Roza Kornak
                      PSTEC User


                        And thank you Brian for updates. I have never smoked myself but I am planning to use PSTEC with clients. Great to read your journey.

                        Kind Regards

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