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      In listening to PSTEC Positive Secrets Tim mentions using a trigger.
      I'm not sure how to do this for my suggestion. I was taught to make suggestions in the present tense. Such as “I have a great paying job where I am respected and valued.”

      Now if I put a trigger on this like “Next week I have…” well next week is always in the future.

      How should this be handled?



      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Steve…

        Be careful about what others profess about communicating with the subconscious, i.e. present vs. future tense.  Using dates, certain events, movements and other criteria to trigger the subconscious is very effective.

        A great example off the top of my head was in the interview I did with Karen about her health issues.  She used PSTEC Positive with a definite timeframe in the future to resolve the issue…

        Your mind does work off of a timeline so don't be afraid to use that.  :)

        If you tell your subconscious that you “have a job” and you don't; good luck with that.  You can imagine what you desire to have “as if” it's real, but don't try and pull a fast one on the sub about telling it you have something when you don't.

        With dates, the issue is that, quite often, we come up with random dates and ignore other barriers within our subconscious that get in the way of that random date we establish.  In other words, we use a date based upon fear… this is something I have seen more often than I can count … where someone fears a certain date and feels a windfall of some type (win the lottery, new job, meet a new person, etc.) by that date will avert what they fear; but the issue at hand is that the fear is creating a misperception that can send us on a wild goose chase of something that is a “stop gap” at best.

        Be sure that you are operating out of your J.E.E.P. (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace) and not fear. Many people jump to PSTEC Positive because they want the positive and I appreciate that and in order to make PP most effective, it's best, most times (there are exceptions) to clear or at least significantly lower the negative feelings, like fear.

        My other comment about the issue you express is that it is quite general and, most often, when people are general, they are acting out of fear.

        For example …

        “I have a great paying job where I am respected and valued.”

        “Great paying” job?
        “Respected and valued?”

        What does that mean to you?
        How does that look?

        If the subconscious defines great paying as $12 per hour and respected and valued as meaning that your employer gives you 70 hour work weeks because no one else will do it and he depends upon you to do everyone else's work… well, you see where this could lead?

        Be careful what you wish for… or, better said… don't just ask for what you desire.  Ask intelligently, specifically and completely.  Know your outcome and express it to the subconscious.  Remember, the subconscious works, in a sense, like a computer… it's based upon your input and if you are “fluffy” in your communication, you will manifest fluff.  :)

        Tim and I went into incredible detail about this very subject in Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC… step-by-step.  Also, we go into this issue of future vs. present in that program in quite a bit of detail in one of the QandA segments.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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