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    Anita G Baker
    PSTEC User

      So the new and improved PSTEC Click Tracks 2015, eh..who knew?? 

      And I'll bet they really are great – thank you so much Tim for working on PSTEC to multiply its efficacy (with these tracks) when it was already yielding brilliant results for lots of people.

      I am intrigued but there isn't nearly enough information on the sales page. 

      Please elaborate on the bullet points

      Six New Click Tracks!  (Where is the track list?)
      Multiple New Features
      The Latest Developments
      Totally New
      Greater Efficiency
      Hybrid PSTEC Suggestion
      Clear More, Faster!
      Multiple Uses
      Etc…  (Why not list these too?!)

      Come on Tim, dig deeper and give us more!

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi  Access

        6 new Click Tracks that is 3 lengths, short, medium and long with 2 tapping pattern choices for each length. Plus a big new bonus of having the ability to work on multiple related issues at the same time by first using a new “Wrapper” track.
        So yes use the FREE stuff first then if you need it, purchase CT 2015, more powerful than the eefs but the Level one package containing those is still great value for money.
        On one play so far I would say essential for therapists for everyone else this adds to the choice of packages. If you cannot clear your negative feelings with the FREE tracks then 2015 should do it. In my case the eefs got me from 8 down to 4 in one play yesterday, today one session with the new long 2015 got me from 4 to 0 on the same issue.
        Tim has spent a lot of time on this one, a lot of the new stuff is more psycho-technical so probably difficult to explain and unnecessary to, for most users.

        Anita G Baker
        PSTEC User

          Thank you Peter

          Much appreciated.  I have quite a few of the other packages so for me personally it is completely necessary to find out how these new tracks are different – so I am able to make an informed decision about making another purchase. 

          The Wrapping track in particular sounds really interesting and efficient..

          Best wishes

          Peter Bunyan
          PSTEC User

            Hi Access

            It would be impossible to assess the effectiveness of CT 2015 against say eefs, Negative, and Positive used in combination. It is only possible to say that it is the most powerful remover of negative emotions.
            Firstly for others reading this CT 2015 is not suitable for first time self helpers. You would need at least to have used the FREE Basic Click Tracks and be happy that PSTEC works for you first.

            The Wrapper in CT 2015 would be useful for those who have had multiple misfortunes occur to them example divorces or business failures or hospitalizations or have had multiple incidents of abuse. Or where a business failure has been followed by a relationship failure the connection between them being the sense of failure. In fact if you think of one issue and others crop up in your mind afterwards then there is probably a connection even if you are not aware of it. The Wrapper re-enforces the existing connection and bundles the events or memories into one prior to running the Click Track on the one bundle. IMO best to allow a bit more time and run a medium or long track if you are bundling things together. Although there is no tapping or clicks in the Wrapper Track it does require some mental effort on your part it is not a lay back and listen hypnotherapy track although hypnotherapists could use their skill to do the wrapping and bundling for their clients. EFTers might also be familiar with the bundling concept and be able to use EFT for a similar if less powerful effect.

            Although the power of CT 2015 might seem attractive to those desperate or in a hurry to resolve their problems I suggest to those people that the sense of desperation and being in a rush are signs of stress in themselves and should be Click Tracked first. Time pressure is stressful, allow your self time to get well, the time spent is well worth it.


            Peter Bunyan
            PSTEC User

              Hi Jeff
              Please could you move this thread to the new CT 2015 board.

              PSTEC Accounts

                Peter's replies are absolutely first rate and very informative. His replies are often better than I would produce myself.

                The reason that the product page doesn't specifiy more is twofold. The first reason is that many of the advancements in these tracks are internal to the tracks themselves.
                These additions and refinements are a huge step up in so many ways but without understanding exactly how I construct them and also their intimate internal workings then what I had to say about the changes would be all but meaningless to anyone but myself.

                Additionally there are improvements within these that I could mention and which would also be understandable to most users….. but by doing so I would simultaneously have to draw attention to features which are intended to slip past conscious awareness thereby defeating their purpose entirely. 

                As such it was only possible for me to be rather circumspect about the differences but as Peter has said, these are considerably more sophisticated. Hardly surprising since I've had five years to consider what these should contain. 

                Thanks for your question.


                Anita G Baker
                PSTEC User

                  I totally agree.  Peter, the feedback and guidelines you have given have been most helpful. 

                  And thank you Tim – though a part of my mind is still curious about the specifics, I understand that ultimately it would be superfluous to know.  It's almost like, I want to know so that I can say Oh yeah..I get it, you and Peter were right..I really didn't need to know the inner workings of this advancement after all..

                  Best wishes

                  PSTEC Accounts

                    Kind of you.
                    The following may be useful to you, What you will notice is that the character of Click Track 2015 is quite different from the older tracks. The suggestions and my entire approach to the  track(s) construction is designed not just to be more effective but also to be more effective across a wider range of uses.

                    Also they have been constructed so as to compliment the older click tracks rather than to outright replace them. I absolutely didn't want or intend to make the older tracks redundant because they have so many uses of their own and by creating a very different click track it gives PSTEC users more choice. Problems of a subconscious nature obviously vary significantly so where one form of track may hit problems on rare occasions…. the other may then score.

                    It may be useful to know that in my private sessions I use the full range from free to 2015.  This is because each type has value in its own way.

                    I tend to test the waters with older tracks because it can be useful to save the “big guns” for when really needed. That's just a personal preference on my part of course.

                    Hopefully many many users will post their experience of 2015 and this will also help to demonstrate how these differ…. from a user perspective. 

                    PSTEC User

                      Hi Tim and Peter,

                      I sent my questions to the support address earlier today, but I will repeat them here because I will likely get a faster reply.

                      Very nice and timely learning about your upgraded Click Tracks. My question regards the scope of the effective application it targets.

                      I am blessed to finally, after a number of years gained an open door to pursue an online money making opportunity that is very lucrative and can be worked from home on my notebook and cell phone.  I want 100% of me engaged to take full advantage of it for best results for all concerned.

                      I know the new tracks are designed to clear issues faster and more permanently. This goes without question. Are they also designed to assist with “installing” more focus and behaviors best online internally for optimum business performance?

                      Procrastination, lack of sustained focus (officially diagnosed with Adult ADD a few years ago) and deflated motivation to stick with venture/project (for no apparent reason most times), as if my brain rebels, wanting to find something else more “shiny and fun”. Quickly getting bored no matter the potential benefits of sticking to projects through completion has been an anchor around my neck, causing me all sorts of personal and financial difficulties for most of my life.

                      Are the new Click Tracks designed to effectively address these behaviors?

                      Thanks you so much Tim and Peter. Tim, I know you put a lot of yourself into these new tracks and they will deliver their intended benefits to most persons you targeted them to help.

                      Congratulations! :-)

                      Kind Regards,


                      Peter Bunyan
                      PSTEC User

                        Hi rob54

                        The quick answer is no, the new CT 2015 tracks are as the FREE Basic CTs and the Enhanced CTs they only remove unwanted emotions, they do not install anything new.

                        However…the Click Tracks by removing unwanted negative feelings enable new behaviours to happen as the negative feelings often block or stop you from doing things. Procrastination in all it's various guises is underneath all the reasons and excuses for not doing things served up by your subconscious, driven by fear, fear of failure and or fear of success. Fears removable by the Click Tracks. Your subconscious is brilliant at providing reasons for not doing things, so what appears to be unconnected events not completed or avoided can be connected by fear of change, failure or success. With the new CT 2015 tracks and the Wrapper that comes with them you could target multiple occasions or instances of apparently unrelated procrastination in one play through. This feature though is only available with the new CT 2015 package.

                        More specifically ADD/ADHD which is often accompanied by depression and other disorders can be helped with PSTEC. The stigma of being labelled with a “learning disorder” the helplessness at finding out it is “incurable” and possibly a life of taking medication. During your school years your symptoms might well have made study and achieving grades difficult and therefore you being seen as less intelligent. There might have been incidents of inappropriate behaviour stemming from your inability to focus. All of these things drive down your feelings of self worth and are therefore connected and the bad feelings could be Click Tracked away. This allowing the past to remain gone and not influencing your present and potential future just because you are labelled with a Disorder.

                        IMO everyone suffers from sub-clinical ADD/ADHD it is just that some people are more affected than others. Humans are generally not designed for patience and focus unless motivated to be so. We love and crave stimulation in all our senses, the extreme opposite is a torture, sensory deprivation. The most demanding sense is the visual, we are captivated and calmed down by watching moving things. My dentist has a screen above his chair where I can see it while he poking around inside my mouth. Perhaps this is why TV is called the “opiate of the masses”. Our current education systems are not well designed to produce happy socially developed people but workers to be selected by employers. Standardised curriculum's with standardised tests to produce standardised students, individuals do not fit well within it. With PSTEC tools you can remove all the negative stuff that comes with being labelled and different, to enable and celebrate being unique and further develop those unique skills and learning that you have, to be your true self and to hell with what others think about you.
                        Perhaps I should get off my hobby horse now!

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