Trouble Hanging onto emotions while doing the Click Tracks

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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Hi, I am relatively new to PSTEC and I want to make this work for me so much!!!  I have done the click  tracks and I find that I have trouble keeping contact with a nice strong emotion to do the process.  It's a lot like when you are trying to be funny on purpose-you usually find that you can't.  It is like that with my problem emotions.  When I am trying to pull them up so that I can focus and get rid of them, they seem to escape me.  The only way I can adequately explain it is when a nurse is drawing blood and she finds a good vein, she sticks the needle in the patient's arm and the vein rolls and it's gone and she can't draw the blood.  It feels just like that.
      I have also found that I come to this with a bit of doubt in my own ability that I can do it.  TFT and EFT were not all that effective for me-due to the reason I stated above and I think that I am just a little afraid that I will fail on this also

      I have not yet tried any of the accelerator tracks yet.  Maybe that would help.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.  I would sincerely appreciate it.

      Thanks. Mary.


      Hi Mary,
      Like you, I too, am new to PSTEC and found that the feelings and emotions associated with a bad event of the past or one of the future tend to be less when using the click tracks and on many occasions, I found that there were often no longer any emotions or feelings left. It has of course, left something behind, I suppose a bit of room – more like a sensation- in my chest.
      The idea is to let the emotion and the feelings go when using the click tracks.  The more you try to hang onto them while focusing on the click tracks, the exercises and Tim's instructions,  the harder they will be to hang on to them, which in the end is what you're trying accomplish, isn't it?
      If you have any doubt about your ability, you certainly use PSTEC to click them away as well….in fact, in my experience as more feelings, emotions and doubts creep in, I've mixed them in to the stew as well and later on went back again to do another round.
      The memory of the event may still linger, but the bad feelings and the emotions, once gone are no longer something that should concern you should you think about what had happened in the past or into the future.
      BTW –  I found myself often yawning as the emotions and feelings were cleared away and I'm led to understand that this is the body's way of releasing any pent up energy.
      I hope this helps.  There are others who are better able to answer than I.

      Cynthia Hooper
      PSTEC User

        Hi Mary,
        Welcome! I am pleased you have found our forum and equally pleased you have discovered Tim's most amazing gift for us all. Please take a little time and search through some of the discussions,People are sharing wonderful experiences and it can be very inspiring to explore these sharing'.
        Good discussion and I really understand that 'doubt' thing. Armand's response is so clear and perfect. Just remember that we are all subject to our habits and our thought patterns. With a little focus and devotion to our goal we will succeed.

        We are extremely blessed to have two pro's on site who are ready to help you weave through that path you want to find and follow. Jeff Harding and Meghan Saunders each have great gifts of knowledge and both are supreme in their ability with concepts and wording,I am glad to add my two cents anytime also.

        The more you work with this modality the more you will find yourself empowered in all areas and find that quality of joy we all seek.

        Enjoy the ride.
        Peace, Cynthia

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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