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      Hey guys,
                  I was doing PSTEC a few years ago and had some good effects. One noticable thing was after a trauma I had I wasn't able to stay around at a woman's place, and with PSTEC I got to the point I started to do so again.

      I also had some very interesting things with PSTEC positive and visualization with attracting women.

      So I decided from my own experience that the best idea would be to use clicktracks on emotions around something, then belief blasters, then positive quantum turbo. Turns out when I listened to the introduction audios that was what was recommended so I was on the right track.

      So started earlier this week. I noticed in a course I was doing that I was being ignored when I was talking and I was getting annoyed and frustrated. The next few days I took those feelings along with feelings of being picked on and did clicktracks on those, as they seemed connected and coming up at the same time. I was on another forum and I really felt picked on by how the moderators were acting and I realized it was unwarranted for the situation so it went back to something else.

      I think I did 3 days or so around those, I noticed it drains me so I am mostly doing 1 clicktrack a day instead of overwhelming myself. I decided when I felt the emotions had gone down enough i'd do the beliefs.

      I started with the feeling and had memories like me crying on my bed as a kid and feeling ignored, though looking back at it as an adult I was being a little shit, but that doesn't stop the feeling of it.

      Anyway after the clicktrack I thought it was a good time to do the beliefs. I did a belief blaster on “Everybody had always ignored me”.

      And then positive quantum turbo on  “People really love to give positive attention to me” as in the past i've also had negative attention such as bullying, some of which come up in the last few days of clicktracks.

      I can say that my mind started to refocus and go through things recently and in the past and showing me “Look, actually you were getting attention here”. So something must have shifted.

      But the weird thing is today I woke up feeling fatigued and crap. I didn't even feel like leaving the house, my neediness around women was high and I did a clicktrack on that. In the afternoon I felt like I needed to get out of the house, but I felt anxious and weird in general. Mainly anxious around other people.

      And I had a thought that the positive belief I used without dealing with other supporting things might have caused that. Because i've had things in the past where getting alot of attention has lead to negative things and there's fear around that. So i'm thinking maybe it's better to work on more foundational 'self' type beliefs as a priority. Like instead of “People really love to pay positive attention to me” something like “It's SAFE for me to get positive attention from other people”.

      What do you experienced guys think? Or could it just be that the next day the work I did was integrating. I can say with other methods i've done that sometimes for a few days things seem more stirred up while it's integrating.

      With how I felt today, more fatigued and such I don't think I can handle doing the beliefs every day, maybe a few times a week when I feel it's a good time to do it after clicktracking a few times.

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        Thank you for being brave enough to post your personal challenges here. I've personally experienced these same situations and resolved them with PSTEC so I understand and appreciate what you are going though. Feeling like you don't matter,  unwanted, ignored etc. are very normal issues though they can be very painful, especially in the context of intimate relationships. You mentioned neediness feelings – well your needs were probably (for sure) not met by your parents (whether you remember it or not) and so you are subconsciously replaying this in your present relationships in an attempt to get them met and will continue to do so until you resolve it. Neediness is absolutely NOT attractive BTW. Again, this is all very normal stuff. The difference here is you are aware of it and resolving it. Good for you!

        First I would suggest you take a big step back. Have a look at any feelings you have around “women are not safe, can't be trusted, are dangerous, I hate women” note the feelings and CT all of those to a 0. Give this a go with the long PQT. “All women are completely safe now I always trust and love” as you go through the track be sure to quickly loop the end to the beginning as it's just a big infinite loop.

        As it relates to the exhaustion – It's likely you have repressed anger and unresolved/incomplete grief around this situation. Go back to your parents and imagine not getting your needs met and get EXTREMELY ANGRY at them as extreme as you can imagine (think hissy fit, long rageful screams, physically hitting them etc) and use your inner voice to “get it all out” in your imagination. CT that down to a 1 or 0.

        After you have done this, then you will want to think back to your needs not being met by your parents. CT this to a 1 or 0.

        I could go very deep on this subject though I suspect this will get you moving in a positive direction on the matter you've described as you can start to see more of what is going on in you.

        If you don't have them already I would suggest you pick up the accelerators and 2015 tracks.

        Please continue posting your questions, what new things you discover as you progress and results in this thread and we can coach you along a bit. There are a lot of people who watch the forum but never post that can also benefit from what you are sharing. THANK YOU!

        PSTEC User

          Thanks for the detailed reply Brian.

          Yep the issues definately comes from my parents being both overprotective but also I feel not allowing me to speak or express my opinion, or disagreement.

          This stuff is definately more pronounced with women, definately alot of baggage around whether or not I get a reaction or if they notice me. As much as i've tried in the past I just haven't been able to be carefree about it. Todays PSTEC session was interesting around this but i'll post that at the end as it links in with other things you mentioned.

          Damn.. that's definately something I feel, that though i've been with alot of women that it's not 'safe' to really talk to them, or that something bad will happen, or rejection or whatever.

          I'll try the thing around my parents and anger soon, because todays session showed me how much anger was affecting me in ways I didn't even realize.

          I have the 2015 tracks, that is what I used today. I used level 1 for a bit first.

          So I listened to the intro and the whole wrapping thing lead me to think several of these things i've been working on are connected. Feeling ignored, ways women have acted, even one yesterday and that the connected emotion is anger. So I used the wrapper and started thinking of these. Times i've been rejected, or felt ignored, or women have acted in certain ways.. all that made me angry.

          During the clicktrack it got pretty strong. I felt like it wasn't shifting but then by the end something was different.

          And I had no idea how much the anger was negatively affecting me, what I did after the audio showed that.

          I went onto a dating site and messaged several girls I just refused to message before. Either because of their attractiveness, or that something in their profile just annoyed me so I felt kind of turned off. Well I noticed there was much less of that and I just messaged them, and that my anger towards more attractive women was stronger. After the clicktrack I noticed looking at their photos that they actually seemed more 'obtainable' to me.

          In the past i'd work on stuff around deservingness and such and noticed 'some' shifts, but not what I hoped for. But I had no idea how the anger, which come up pretty intensely was having a negative affect on that. I had no idea that anger was one thing making me feel undeserving. Very interesting.

          I'll do more on it the next few days. The intensity is enough for 1 day.

          Paul McCabe
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Dominance,

            Thank you for your update and for sharing your progress.

            As well as what Brian suggested, I would highly recommend checking whether you have these beliefs (say them out loud and see whether they resonate) and “blast” each of them with the 12 or 18 minute version of the Belief Blasters:

            “I'm not good enough”
            “I'm not important”
            “I'm not noticed”
            “I'm not attractive”
            “I'm not worthy”
            “I'll never get what I want”
            “Attractive women aren't interested in me”
            “What makes me good enough is being noticed”
            “I'm not deserving”
            “People will only let me down”
            “People will eventually hurt me”
            “People can't be trusted”
            “I'm not safe to be myself”
            “I'm not loveable”
            “I'm powerless”
            “If I put myself out, I'll be hurt”
            “There's something wrong with me”
            “I don't measure up”
            “It is dangerous for people to focus on me” (e.g. perhaps due to the bullying)

            Of course, remember to put these into the past tense before running the tracks.

            Eliminating any of these would be huge and, as you try to believe each belief, you may find the emotions coming up and clearing very quickly.

            With each of these, you may wish to immediately layer in a positive suggestion with Quantum Turbo. It does not have to be the exact opposite, but certainly something that will really be beneficial to feel and believe.

            For something like “people will only let me down”, something like “most people are good like me, and now I can notice them more now” might be very useful.

            For “I don't measure up”, a suggestion like “I more than measure up and am immune to harsh criticism” could be just what you need.

            If you believe “I'm powerless” and eliminate it, layering in “I have unbelievable amounts of personal power and can relax now” is bound to have an enormous impact on you.

            You could run down the whole list, even finding other beliefs too. Eliminating a belief and layering in a positive can be an incredibly powerful strategy. I've used this with clients and on myself and have been astounded by its effectiveness.

            Take care, Dominance, and please keep the thread updated with notes on your progress and for any questions you may have.

            Best Regards,

            Paul  :)

            Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


            Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

            Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

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            PSTEC User

              Thanks Paul, I can already say most of them apply to me by just reading them unfortunately.

              The last one actually come up after last night a bit. I went out with friends and I did get alot or respect from guys, but some of the attention seemed wrong like this weird guy who I know from years ago always would be like “hey sexy” and 'feel up my boobs' as he said and similar things to that. Guys getting touchy feely like that I don't like, and I noticed this morning after going out there was some fear of 'it isn't safe because those things might happen'.

              Though I got alot of respect from guys, and time went quick because I chatted to a few guys I haven't seen for ages.. with girls it was kind of the opposite. Fear stopped me really talking to them, and a couple I did talk to just acted weird. Definately more baggage around girls.

              I'm gonna work on that today. The one problem is the fear that stopped me talking to them when it's there isn't big and obvious, it's just kind of numb and blocked to doing it.. I can't really bring up intense feelings of it. So i'll try to just focus on that.

              I'm going to use the wrapper and bring together all different situations where I want to talk to girls but this fear/blockage is stopping me and see how it goes.

              The thing is it's not always there. Like last weekend I was in the zone and my friend even commented “that's the best i've seen you on your game” and this weekend felt awkward and weird with girls. Unfortunately usually after those times I get past the fear and do it and it goes well then it seems to go downhill the next time, it's been a longstanding pattern.

              PSTEC User

                Today used the wrapper and clicktrack on the fear/blocked feelings from last night. It was kind of difficult since it's not as obvious as other feelings so was hard to connect with.

                After it I did a belief blaster on “It wasn't safe for me to talk to girls”. Then positive quantum on “It is completely safe for me to talk to girls.”

                I can't really say what I noticed by the end. I did go out after that, but felt even more blocked. I'm thinking it's the integration again, as before I felt worse after the belief stuff, then last night the first belief seemed to have kicked in.

                I had more anger come up. Around not being able to get the girls I want, around me not taking the action I want to of talking to them because of fear, and in general more anger around girls.

                When I got home I wrapped and clicktracked on that. And it got MUCH more intense than yesterday, rage and hate come out and I was even making sounds and kind of growling, my jaw clenched tightly, some dark thoughts come up with the hate and rage but I just allowed that to happen. It's weird I can't usually access this anger and was surprised at the intensity of it. Also alot of anger around my parents, my mum especially around making me dependent.

                Don't really know what different there is after it, it wasn't obvious like yesterday. But seeing the sheer intensity of it, it can only be positive dealing with that.

                After it I had a weird thought, logically it doesn't make sense but it may be from what i'm experiencing. It's possible that for me, somehow this anger, rage and hate is actually more of an issue than fear around girls.

                Seeing it come up so intensely, and what i'm calling 'fear' is just this blocked feeling that I couldn't connect with that well.

                Paul McCabe
                PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                  Hi Dominance,

                  Thanks for your updates.

                  Rest assured, every time you use the PSTEC tools, you will be making fundamental changes to your model of reality/mind model.

                  Anger itself can stem from a sense of powerlessness and can create and be created by a belief like “I'm powerless.”

                  I recommend checking a belief before and after running Belief Blasters. Say the belief out loud. To know it is really gone, it will feel completely neutral or even slightly ridiculous when you say it afterwards.

                  If it feels even slightly uncomfortable saying it afterwards, I recommend running a shorter BB. This is rarely necessary.

                  With something that has been labelled “approach anxiety”, the pattern is usually made up of a series of beliefs and conditioned responses. It is rare that one solidarity belief causes it all.

                  If you work through what Brian and I suggested (no hurry at all, by the way), I expect you will experience some huge breakthroughs.

                  You may also wish to check whether you hold the following beliefs:

                  “I’m weird.”
                  “I'm sleazy.”
                  “I'm a fraud.”
                  “I'm not natural.”
                  “It’s wrong to show sexual interest in a woman.”
                  “Approaching women makes me vulnerable”
                  “It’s wrong to be attracted to women.”
                  “My sexual desire is bad.”
                  “If I am not perfect, I'll be rejected.”
                  “There’s something wrong with me.”
                  “To attract women, I have to be fake”
                  “Women don’t want nice guys.”
                  “Women don’t want to be bothered.”

                  If you do, you can blast these all away and layer in suggestions that, if not the complete opposite (because that doesn't always make sense), truly empower you.

                  For something like “I'm a fraud”, a suggestion like “I've so much flexibility in my character and now I feel accepted” might be just what you need.

                  I cannot underestimate the power of these tools.

                  Please continue to update us.

                  All the best.


                  Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


                  Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

                  Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

                  Skype, Zoom, in-person & phone sessions available…

                  Brian Tucker
                  PSTEC User

                    Dominance – All of what you are describing is very familiar to me as I've been through those same feelings you are having. Take a step back – Give a belief blast – 18 min on “I hated women” and also “I'm wasn't loveable” then give a Long PQT on

                    “All women are safe and ok now as I feel loved around women”
                    “I'm completely loveable now as I love myself and feel loved”

                    Absolutely anger will be pouring out as it releases. And it can be very powerful and extremely painful. You have some deep work to do to get rid of all this stuff.

                    Be sure to listen to the short relaxing accelerator after you do this and the long at bedtime.

                    Are you comfortable sharing what it was like living with your parents as a little kid? Conflict, divorce, abandonment, domestic fighting, abuse, rejection etc. High level is fine.

                    Keep going and leave your details here. Thank you.

                    Bhabani Yetirajam
                    PSTEC User

                      I have most of the beliefs Paul mentioned. What is a belief blaster? Is it the Pstec Negative?

                      Brian Tucker
                      PSTEC User
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