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    Jeff Harding
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      Oooh, was I ever feeling guilty on Sunday this past week. 

      I had had asked my wife if I could perhaps purchase a product over the Internet and the look on her face made me feel very guilty.  I left the room feeling like a child who had had strips torn from him. Feeling very angry at that time, I sat down and listened to the free click tracks, but some how, that didn't help a great deal. I decided to try a different tack and listened to the Free tracks and the EEf tracks.  All I felt afterward when the session was done, was a dark ball of anger in the middle of my chest, and then soon afterward, a sense of heavy depression kicked in. 

      My wife was the last person I felt any closeness to and all I wanted was to be left completely alone, more with this ball in my chest and the depressed feeling I felt.  This feeling, I presumed, was the effect of the guilt I had successfully rid my self but I now had a new feeling to work on.

      Feeling the feelings in my chest, the talking to myself about the way I was treated, the way I felt I was treated by my wife and the livid feeling of anger still present, I went to bed listening again to all four of the click tracks.  Clearly I was losing the ability to focus on the tracks once I'd put my head on the pillow, but I did return to them focusing harder at my tapping and Tim's words.  Once done, I felt nothing, nothing positive or negative.  Just….. nothing.  I couldn't have cared less about anything, anyone or anywhere.  I couldn't even bring up the intense hatred for the feeling I felt, the guilt or anger.  The ball was still there in my chest, but I did feel better.

      This morning when I awoke, I felt loads better and the ball in my chest seems to have left, though I'm still aware of it's attempt to plant it's self again, but it's doesn't seem to be able to stick.  Right now, I feel contented (maybe 'I just don't care anymore' feeling/sensation).  I'm able to be in the same room with my wife and I don't feel anger at what happened.  Trivial, yes, when looking back at it at the time.  Logically, we may not have been able to afford the purchase, but I still wanted what I wanted and angry I was denied. I guess it was the same when I was growing up.  My parents had the last word as did my wife.  But using all four click tracks that night did help curb the feelings I felt as a result of the little boy not getting what he wanted.



      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Armand,

        Very nice… thank you for sharing.

        Some other thoughts…

        Take those feelings and ask if what they are based upon… when did they begin… what is the cause of the feelings?  As you allow those memories to come up along with the feelings, CT those as well.  You see, there are experiences in your mind, in your subconscious, that are the foundational blocks that encourage or motivate those feelings to not only come up but to also “be a part of you.”  Look for the causal emotional events that support them and CT them.

        In other words, as time goes on, watch for the feelings start to creep in and when they do, look for the cause… dig a bit deeper to find those and neutralize them.  Your thoughts that the “in my chest seems to have left, though I'm still aware of it's attempt to plant it's self again,” are just the warning that there may still be something there… trust those feelings and be on the look out.  :- )

        You might also consider using the PSTEC Positive as a follow up to that in how you wish to feel about these issues… there may be some interesting aspects to look at as they relate to abundance and money issues.



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