Using kinesiology muscle testing to ask the subconscious what to aim for next.

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      Hello, I have been only 4 days using PSTEC (It has been so effective I cannot believe it), and today I had an idea. Excuse me if my english is not perfect  :)

      Some of you probably know about kinesiology and muscle testing. Mainly you ask a question to your subconscious mind, test your muscles for a yes or no response from your subconscious. I find most muscle test very hard to do myself, but the easier to do is to stand , close your eyes, find a point of balance where you dont go back or forth, ask a question and your body will subtly move forward or backward in attraction or repulsion to the idea.

      I had a method I got from “the emotion code”. There you would find trapped emotions using muscle test, then release them using magnets. While the actual emotion removal method was midly effective (It had some effect, but it pales in comparison with PSTEC), I found the muscle test method to be highly effective at finding what trapped emotions to go for first.


      This is the emotion chart. You start by asking “Is the emotion in column A?” and wait for a yes or no response. if not, ask about column B. When you find in which column it is, you ask in what row. When you find the row, find which emotion it is “Is the emotion Betrayal?” until you find which one it is.

      There are extra steps one can do. Like determining at which age was the emotion formed and connecting it with a particular memory. Also connecting it to a particular person and event.
      – Was the memory formed before I was 20 years? Yes/no. You keep asking and closing on the exact age the memory was formed
      – Is the person connected to this memory male/female? The memory is connected to x ?

      Often the last question would be “I am ready to cleanse this emotion?” or “is it beneficial to cleanse this emotion?”. The subconscions knows for good :)

      Mainly this is it. I dont know if people here use other or better methods for finding which emotion the subconscious needs to do next, but I felt like sharing this in case anyone finds it useful, and so others can add some feedback :) 

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        Feelings are the general rule I use with respect to beliefs being true or not.

        If you say “I am a martian” or “I am 8 feet tall” there is no feeling associated with that because you don't believe it.

        If you say e.g. “I am stupid” or even better yet “I feel so stupid” in a situation where you made a mistake, there might be a negative feeling and belief there. Even if you consciously second guess yourself and know this is not true, there is still some sort of belief there even if it's not a very strong one. That feeling is the telltale of what you believe. If you did not believe this in any capacity it would not even appear in your reality via thoughts or feelings.

        With PSTEC all you have to do is think about a given situation and neutralize any negative feelings you have or could possibly have about a given situation – past, present or future – and of course the beauty of the clicktracks is that you can use them on any imagined future, worst-case scenario.

        Simply let your thoughts and feelings to be your guide. Simply put, PSTEC enables limitless freedom!

        Hope this helps.

        Paul McCabe
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Hi Zolom7,

          Thank you for taking the time for post and sharing this information.

          As Brian mentioned, you do not need to do any muscle testing. You know what you feel and, if you do not want to feel that, you can neutralise it.

          An individual can also question if you have any beliefs around holding certain emotions  – e.g. “guilt shows I care”, “anger keeps me safe.”

          Every modality will have its own presuppositions, so it is worth noting that PSTEC is in no way an energy modality. You could experiment with some of the other principles you have learned to see if it helps. However, in the first instance, it is advised that you follow the PSTEC instructions to the letter.

          What's important to note as well is that, with PSTEC, you neutralise any *unwanted* emotion – not necessarily a negative one. Positive emotions can be linked to dangerous or destructive behaviours. For instance, someone may get a “buzz” from risking their monthly wage on a trip to the casino. Another person may feel excited by committing a crime of some sort.

          I could elaborate, but those examples were just there to illustrate the point.

          Thanks very much for posting and, if you need any clarification on anything, please let us know.

          Paul  :)

          Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

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