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      Hello Team.

      I have a few questions regarding using PP statements for “programming” sleep time. I have used other modalities to set an intention before sleep and I would like to get advice on creating PP statements for “releasing” while sleeping.

      1. Is it ok to use a negative term like “resistance, fears or doubt” in a PP statement?
      ” As I sleep, I gently release all resistance to BEING (wealthy, confidence, etc,)now.”
      ” As I sleep, I gently release all fears and doubt to my wealth now.”
      ” As I sleep, my SCM cleans and releases memories that…”

      2. General Self-esteem?
      “As I sleep, I get better in every way and know I can do or be anything.”

      Any thoughts?



      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha Jay,

        There are several considerations for these statements, but the “big picture” answer is that using these statements is NOT recommended … here are some points:

        • Let's start with the biggest issue with these statements… lack of specificity. Even if you are naming the problem, i.e. 'resistance to being wealthy'; you may feel that is specific enough, but there are ambiguities in that phrase,
          such as:
          * Should it stay released and for how long?
          * What happens during the day?
          * What is “wealth” really mean?
          * And most serious of all, what does releasing resistance actually mean? (It's ambiguous and could be interpreted as the opposite of what is intended)

          You see the confusion when words are not defined or are left open for interpretation, such as what does “resistance” mean and what does “wealthy” mean?  To the subconscious there is likely to be confusion on those words alone and, therefore, the phrase and when confusion reigns, the effort is ignored or, even worse, can backfire and exasperate the issue you desire to correct.

        • The overall subject of resistance …Whether it is okay to use the word “resistance” depends upon exact use but generally I'd advise against it.

          If resistance exists, it is there for a reason and the reasons are better identified and addressed, but many, many people try and avoid looking at and identifying the issues that are in the way.

          Your question (and I appreciate the question because you are exploring and looking for solutions … good job!) and approach appear to be an effort at avoiding the identification of the cause or source of the issue and leaving it up to the discernment of the subconscious.  Remember, one of the subconscious' biggest jobs is to maintain the status quo so if you leave the decisions up to the sub, most likely, nothing will change.  Make sense?

          So, removal of the resistance would be better undertaken deliberately during the day by removing fears and consciously working to change your beliefs.

        • [/list]As for using PSTEC Positive to change beliefs, here is a beginning process to encourage some ideas in your mind about moving in the direction you desire…

          1. First identify something you desire in terms of wealth that you can measure and move toward in the short term… something in the next 30 days.  Don't move “too crazy” in terms of quantity.  In other words, if you are at zero, don't try and move all at once to 100,000,000… that will just bring strong resistance from your sub because of that vast and fast change.
          2. Develop a vision of it… how will it look when completed… get into the details.  NOT the details of how it will happen, but the details of the success of it when complete.
          3. How does that feel?  Any non-JEEP feelings about it?  If so, go back to the Click Tracks and clear those negative emotions about it.  When the negative emotions are down to 0-1 and you can feel JEEP coming through … it's ok to just be at peace and calm about it … then go back to the vision and change anything you believe it necessary.  Trust your mind to fill in the blanks… in other words, let your mind run free with the idea.
          4. Check again for non-JEEP emotions… if all clear…
          5. Craft one or more PP Statements that embody or express that vision.
          6. [/list]For more details on this process, consider Tim's How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way and also PSTEC Positive Secrets.

            You see the difference?
            You are taking control of releasing the appropriate emotional barriers by focusing on your specific desire or goal and being aware of when the sub brings these issues up. And, then you are directing, through use of the PSTEC Tools, the release of those emotional issues.
            When you are clear, then your PP Statements express the successful vision of that desire or goal, NOT the releasing of the emotions which is a task for you to direct consciously.
            Be specific in your visions of what you desire or what you feel you “ought” to do and then be aware of what appears to be in the way in your mind and deliberately move those out of the way (emotional issues using Click Tracks, EEF's or Accelerator Tapping Tracks) or change them (nonsupporting beliefs and behaviors with PSTEC Positive and also PSTEC Positive Extra Power).
            Malama Pono!

        PSTEC User

          Jeff..You are amazing! Thank you and I will book another session will you because feel like your response was a session and I don't want to “feel” guilty. (I'll CT the the guilt!)

          I agree with your response, and the creation of my statements where developed from my limited understanding of two sources. PP Secrets & this PP suggestion, “I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy life and do so completely”.

          In the suggested PP statement, there seems to be a lack of specificity and generalizations and deletion. So, I thought I was patterning after that PP statement. For example:

          I want…-is that a request that the SCM do something? Or programming lack?
          Release emotions..- What emotions specifically? And what does “let go of emotions” really mean?
          Enjoy my life..How specifically?

          It seems the any shortened PP statement has major NLP type language violations. (Deletes, distorts, generalizes). 

          So I guess my question now would be, how would one be short and so specific that there would be NO violations?

          Thanks Jeff

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            You're always welcome!

            Most definitely CT ANY guilt as that emotion is a waste of time … well, unless one wishes to suffer.  ;)

            The PP Statement, “I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy life and do so completely” is one that I recommend quite often, except not by itself but usually with one or two other statements.  Even if it is done without other statements, it is recommended immediately prior to using the Click Tracks, so the statement is applied in the moment of working on an issue or issues with the PSTEC Tools and that is part of what makes the application specific.

            Be sure to note that specific words are not always considered on their own, but within the context of the sentence and even sentences are not always considered on their own either but within the context of the situation.


            • Be careful about patterning one sentence after another unrelated one… sometimes it can make sense and work; other times not.
            • Try not to mix other modalities with PSTEC.  It's true that some elements of NLP are “seen” in the use of PSTEC but only because they are quite universal in application.

              When you truly study Tim's tutorials, for example: PSTEC Positive Secrets; in the moment, do your best to put away previous conclusions and beliefs and let his perceptions come through as unscathed as possible and then apply them purely in your practice.

            • [/list]“my question now would be, how would one be short and so specific that there would be NO violations?”

              The best way to answer the “shortness” question is to consider your sentence overall.  Does the sentence attempt to address more than one issue or aspect at a time.  If it does, break it up into multiple sentences and do them separately but in the same session.

              In regards to “violations”; step back from your sentence and review it away from your perspective.  Consider it literally and put yourself in the shoes of a stranger and see if that person would understand what is being communicated with the sentence.  So, if a stranger came to me and said, “I am wealthy” … I would ask, “What is wealth to you?”  I would ask that because I don't know what wealth is in his mind and, therefore, cannot  imagine what he truly is thinking.

              Take your time with your sentences and critique them a bit more closely for clarity as if you were communicating to a complete stranger.

              Also, wealth and money are quite complex because all cultures in the world have pretty much squelched the allowance of wealth and abundance so it take a little more consideration in shifting those beliefs.

              Be sure to download and use Tim's Wealth of Abundance.

              Aloha nui!


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