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      Hi all
      I've been using the click tracks since January and I recently started delving into Pstec positive tracks. They're a very interesting tool with so much possibilities. I was thinking the pstec click tracks are the greatest invention of all time, Pstec positive might be even better.

      One of the possibilities I see is that PP can make the original click tracks redundant. If you instill a set of beliefs around an issue then negative emotions could no longer have relevance.

      One of the issues for example was with a friend of mine who had a lot of negative impact on me recently over a one year period. It's been a bit of a sticky issue, but that does make sense since it is the most recent and there were a lot of negative incidents with a variety of negative effects and emotions so it's not just repetitive clicking(over 30 issues and over 100 run throughs already for sure). And it links directly into my current negative perspectives of the future so that would keep it alive. Overall it went down quite a lot but was a bit sticky.

      So anyways, I fired up PP and first I did the statement “Person is deleted”  and then again with the statement “Person is irrelevant” The result was pretty dramatic. When I think of the memories they lost a lot of their power.

      I could literally go through everything in my life and use the statement “This is irrelevent” which would cut my attachment to it and free me from it without using the click tracks. At which point I could easily choose my next course of action, I could live in the moment just as how a child is free to make choices with natural enthusiasm. My understanding is that memories are connected to emotions. The click tracks break those connections. In doing this would those connections remain doing damage or would they automatically get rewired to fit in with my new beliefs?

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        HI Oz
        They are both great tools used for different things. Almost limitless possibilities. However Positive cannot make CTs redundant. Beliefs are linguistic representations of emotions/behaviours, instilling a a new belief will create feelings, what they would be is not certain. Deleting a Person will work until you see them again or even someone else who looks like them.

        Emotions are created in a far older part of the mind/brain from a time in evolution when we were merely mammals not even primates before becoming human. Emotions are our animal part, beliefs are our human veneer.

        I believe the way in which you propose using Positive is unhealthy and that it would be better for you to create “positives” that help you believe in a better future for yourself. Do not let the “how” do I get to a better future with no money etc. get in the way. Just think of it constantly and your sub-conscious will start looking for ways to help you get there. You have set it to look in the right direction.

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