What am I Avoiding?

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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Hi Everyone,

      I've found this to be a very useful question to tap on, at times…

      There have been occasions where I've noticed there seems to be something under the surface, although I can't really identify exactly what it is.  While I don't know if it's just one thing in particular or a whole bunch of things, what I do notice is a general feeling of being stuck; being unable to get into action; sometimes a sense of not knowing what to do next; or even doing activities that I don't really care about as a form of procrastination…

      When these situations have occurred and I've been near the computer and able to use the PSTEC tracks, I'll play the free Basic Click Tracks 2 or 3 times keeping my mind focused on the question “What am I avoiding?” and focusing on the feeling of avoidance.

      While nothing specific has come to mind when I've done this, I have noticed that there's been a desire to get into some productive action afterward and I no longer have a sense of feeling stuck…

      Thought I'd share this on the forum, as others might find it useful as well…

      Happy Click Tracking…!  ;-)



      WOW! I just did this, Glenn, and got an amazing insight on what I've been avoiding! Thanks so much!

      God's peace, Dixie

      You bet, Dixie… always good to have more tools in the toolbelt…!

      Happy Click Tracking…!


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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