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      Hi! I have just downloaded Level 1, along with Positive Secrets and Belief Blasters. Maybe I have gotten ahead of myself by downloading all of these. Do I listen to Level 1 and it will give me instructions on what to listen to next? I really want to do this the correct way and don't want to mess up! Do I also get Accelerators? And when do I listen to that? If I want to focus on something specific like Smoking Cessation, do I listen to what I already have and then focus on my specific need once that is complete? Or will it be addressed in what I have already downloaded? Sorry for so many questions!

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Melissa,

        Thanks for your post.

        The standard starting point is to download the Free PSTEC Click Tracks. Then you would listen to the instructions, familiarise yourself with the process and then use the tracks on some memories, problem emotions or worst-case imagined outcomes.

        If you have not done this, then I recommend downloading the Free Click Tracks. They are an outstanding resource. They also enable you to have more variety in what you are doing.

        If you had already done this, then you can work through Level 1. It is packed with value – enhanced Click Tracks, some tutorials and PSTEC Positive.

        If you are familiar with the Free Click Tracks, Level 1 will be very intuitive.

        PSTEC Positive Secrets will help you make the best use of PSTEC Positive and arm you with some great information for crafting excellent suggestions of change. I would recommend listening to this after using Level 1.

        You can use Belief Blasters at any stage. You don't have to wait – especially if you already know which beliefs you wish to eliminate.

        The Accelerators are great for helping to bring up causal memories. They really do tend to speed up progress with PSTEC. For long-term users of PSTEC, I'd contend these are essential.

        You can use the Accelerators before doing the Click Tracks, and also listen to the relaxational Accelerators each night as you drift off to sleep.

        If you were working on Smoking Cessation, that is a standalone issue and can be wholly resolved by that particular package.

        If you could advise which other issues you intend to focus on, we can be more specific on some ways you could use the tracks you have already purchased.

        All the best,


        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


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