Embracing Change

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Expanding our minds and lives includes change … the world is constantly changing. But, when it comes time to make changes in your life, does fear arise with the need or desire for change? This course is not to eliminate or treat fear but to help establish the proper mindset so that change comes easier.

It includes four short lessons about change and also the Embracing Change hypnotic tracks.

Course Instructor

Jeff HardingJeff HardingInstructor

A PSTEC Master Practitioner guiding people to be more effective and efficient in their use of the PSTEC Tools … getting results! And, bottom line, encouraging you to grab your iPhone, Smartphone, iPod or mp3 player and start clickin’ because you just might find the path that leads you to more J.E.E.P. (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace) in life and, as Tim says, you just might amaze yourself. Aloha!