Coming SoonAs you work with your PSTEC Tools, do you ever feel a bit isolated?
Do you have a question that arises and you want an easy way to get an answer that just might help you exit the rut and finally progress like you always knew you could?

PSTEC Mentoring is coming and will be there for you, the PSTEC User and also PSTEC Practitioners.

Sometimes it helps to have someone there for you… to help guide you … point out when you’re on track and, yes, when you’re not on track.

We are planning to do this with a combination of …

  • Webinars
  • Online courses
  • Tips and suggestions
  • Periodic online workshops with a limited enrollment in each one so you can work more closely with a PSTEC Practitioner

Stay tune and be sure you are on the PSTEC email list when we announce the opening.