Reply To: Other than the free Click Tracks, what audios should I use?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Armand…and all others reading along,

    Some caution, disclosure and disclaimer first…check out the official PSTEC site for the terms of use of PSTEC…do's dont's and all…

    I categorize the audio files like this:

    • Basic PSTEC Click Tracks 1 and 2 (used for neutralizing unpleasant emotions, feelings, thoughts, images, sounds, memories…ok, anything that compromises your personal peace)
    • [/list]

    • EEf's are similar to the Basic Click Tracks, numbers 3 and 4. Used in similar fashion to the Basic Click Tracks. They are “more powerful” and offer fresh tracks if someone is using PSTEC quite a bit, such as dealing with very old, deep traumas that may take a longer period to neutralize.
    • [/list]

    • PSTEC Positive…two short (compared to the Basic) Click Tracks for use in focusing on desires, intentions, goals, targets and “communicating” those thoughts forms to your subconscious…like installing them or prioritizing them.
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    • There are also several instructional and information files some with those above and some separate…be sure to check those out as well…listen to them a few times each.
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    • There are some specialty programs for Stop Smoking and Bulimia and more to come.
    • [/list]I have not used the EEf's with clients because I always begin with the Basic Click Tracks and have not needed to use the EEf's…the Basic Click Tracks worked just fine.

      I follow the kahuna or Huna model of practice which basically says Clear Before You Request.

      So, if you wish to focus on a desire, then clear the barriers, doubts, self-talk, images, etc. that are contrary to that desire. Once clear, move on with the PSTEC Positive and begin to focus on moving forward in Life with that desire…take the actions you feel are in alignment with your desire. More “stuff” comes up and gets in the way? Pull out the PSTEC Basic and neutralize the unpleasant feelings and thoughts. Then, move forward again and use the PSTEC Positive some more on your stated desire.

      *** Note to all people…self-help users, therapists…no matter. Use it on yourself and then use it on your clients in the same manner. Therapists…clear your own stuff. ***

      Usually once we clear the feelings and emotions and they ARE TRULY CLEAR, it does not return. What “seems” like a return of the issue is usually one of two main things:

    • Other aspects or even perspectives were not cleared…just more to click on.
    • The other possibility is that we developed a new perspective which is a variation on the first main issue, but as we shift our energy, Being, perspectives, sometimes we come up with new ones that also are not empowering…so, again, more to clear.
    • [/list]That's why I believe it's important to use PSTEC Positive as I mentioned above to begin moving forward in thoughts, words and actions with that new desire. It may take time, especially if you are doing something completely new and the subconscious is not sure how to move forward…again, be patient…move toward those desires…look at your physical construct that is your laboratory and ask, “How did I do?” Not quite right? Go back and make adjustments. In reality, are you working on the same emotions? … probably not, but it may be a similar variation…keep studying and working on it.

      Being addicted to PSTEC, I believe could be an issue…here are some thoughts…

      If we are using PSTEC only “in the moment”…in other words, just on the current feelings and issues of the day…and not finding the causes, beginnings, catalysts, core issues, etc.; then, I am not truly healing my subconscious issues. I could actually be using PSTEC like a drug and just squelching the feelings for now.

      So, this is possible, but not always the case. I think, like everything, it's individual and subject to moderation. Tim mentions that one should (and probably could not comfortably) do more than 4-5 PSTEC Click Tracks in a single session.

      So, I believe it's about personal responsibility for one and then also one of personal experimenting, but doing it with full awareness and watching for the results in your laboratory called Your Life.

      Most of all…have fun with this…be gentle and patient with yourself and always do it from a place of love for your clients and, most importantly, for yourself!