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Jeff Harding
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    Hi Evan!

    Thanks for writing!!!

    Alright let's get down to it…

    Question: I want to combine pstec with EFT. Can I use different points each time I tap to the clicks, or will this interfere with the 'anchoring' of pstec? In other words, can I continuously cycle through different tapping points in a single pstec session?

    You can tap wherever you wish, not an issue. Be careful not to be focusing on “where to tap” because that takes your focus away from the issue that you must be focusing on during the Click Track. Yes, it can compromise the anchoring process, so experiment… do it using the cycling of tapping points you wish and if the results are not as desired, try just tapping on one place and not cycling through any tapping points.I believe it’s important to point out that PSTEC is not an energy technique, but completely different from any other method.
    Question: I find it hard to focus sometimes, and pstec makes if harder. Is it ok to pause playback whenever I have lost focus on a negative event/issue? And then resume playback when I tune into the negative issue again? Is it ok to stop the playback midways (and not finish it off) if I feel I have resolved the issue?

    Hard to focus? Good!!! Now, that’s sounds like a joke, but it’s actually the Truth… PSTEC is meant to be difficult and if it becomes too easy you may have to alternate the use of the various tracks. PSTEC is not easy, but it is effective. When it’s easy, it’s not as effective. So, no, do not pause and “try to get it right”… just continue through the track and do the best you can… if you lose your focus on the issue, just “try and focus on the feelings and memory… try as hard as you can.” It is best to finish off the track because the ending is just as important. I will not go into all the reasons why, but just continue, it will only go on for a few more minutes… stick with it. Carry on to reinforce the changes.Cutting it short may actually be a strategy of the subconscious to protect you from changes, so it is best to follow the directions as strictly as possible and not allow the urge for shortcuts to take over.

    Question:Is it necessary to go through the 2 minute introduction everytime? I usually skip that and jump straight into the tapping.

    You can pass through the first minute or so on the Click Tracks and the EEFs… but… BUT, if you are using the Accelerator Tapping Tracks, be sure to listen to the entire track.Again, cutting things short may actually be a strategy of the subconscious to protect you from changes, so it is best to follow the directions as strictly as possible and not allow the urge for shortcuts to take over. In this case you are saving a minute or so; it just might not be worth it.

    Question: I sometimes drift off into other pleasant memories/feelings while doing pstec. Should I stop the pstec playback at that point? Because pstec doesn't discriminate to what it deactivates, maybe it will detach the pleasant memories?

    True, do not run positive and pleasant feelings while running the Click Track.BUT, do not stop the Click Track as I mentioned above as well. Just go back to the original issue and try and hang onto it with the feelings… in other words, switch off the positive memories and feelings and try and get the issue you were working on in your mind with the feelings until you finish the Click Track to again, reinforce the changes.

    Question:Do we have to be sitting and have our eyes closed? I tune better to issues with my eyes open sometimes. The pstec instructions ask for the eyes to be closed.

    Eyes closed, yes!

    Question:Also, because I can't tune into many intense issues with my imagination only, can we use pstec while being exposed to the trigger? Example, listen to the pstec and tap while looking down from a high spot (for height-phobia). Or listen while visiting the mall or a crowded place (agoraphobia). Sitting and closing the eyes just doesn't bring up all the aspects sometimes.

    Well, it depends upon the issue. If you have a fear of death, please do not put yourself in that situation and run the click track. :- )But, if the issue is reasonable and something you face or desire to experience regularly, but here is how I would progress with the issue…Let’s suppose it’s along the lines a agoraphobia and you really, really want to be able to go to the mall because Christmas is coming (ok, don’t be giving me a hard time here in September anyone, I didn’t make that call; the stores have already started setting up… I just call what I see)…1) First think about past events or experiences that you have had where the worst agoraphobic reactions have occurred and you have worked on… are the feelings low… 0-1?a. Yes, move on to #2…b. If not, go back on work on those memories some more…2) If past events are “clear,” then look at the prospect of going to the mall… an imagined future event. Put yourself in that situation in your mind with all the feelings and thoughts of the environment and recreate in your mind some of the most difficult aspects you remember that seemed to trigger the reactions in your past events that you worked on.a. All Clear? Move on to #3…b. Are you having reactions to the imagined future event? Take that imagined event with the feelings and run the Click Tracks (CT) or EEFs.c. You may have other memories come up that you did not consider before… run those through the CT and EEFs as well.3) Now you can begin to put yourself in the physical environment of your fears and reactions, but… please, please, please… do it careful, safely and responsibly. Take a friend with you… a supportive one that knows of the work you do… and, yes, you can take your CT’s with you to do some work in that moment “at the scene.”a. If you have a driving phobia of some kind, for example, have someone else drive as you are being a passenger. Above all, never run the CT when you are driving!!

    If you have further questions, feel free to ask away some more!