Reply To: Many Questions

Jeff Harding

    Thank you very much Jeff for the detailed reply! I appreciate it…

    My issues include generalized anxiety, panic attacks and several phobias. Sprinkle some A.D.D. on top and we're all set. :)

    When I do PSTec, my mind often machine-guns at me tons of issues, rapid rate one after the other. Coming from EFT, the mentality was to tune in to a single specific issue for some amount of time (which is not easy for me to do). PSTec has an intro of 2+ minutes, I just have to bypass that since I am doing like 5 playbacks in one sitting.

    In short, is it ok to use pstec through a stream of issues, without focusing on any particular one for a long time? Do I have to push myself to make the feelings as bad as possible during the session? Which is what I do naturally and leads to many of my panic attacks. I hope I don't have to do that because it's not pleasant at all. :)

    I hope I can just think about the issue, stay detached about it, look at it from a distance, and have pstec do its magic.

    Is it ok if I listen to the pstec tracks 15-20 times a day? I am very very dedicated about overcoming my issues.