Reply To: Many Questions

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Evan,

    I am assuming when you use the term “issue,” you are talkiing about a specific event… true?

    If so, then when you do a Click Track (CT) or EEF, here is what you focus on…

    A memory and a feeling.

    So, what is a memory? It can be a movie, image, picture, thought, memory, imagined future event or even an imagined past event. Whatever the mind uses as a representation. But, it will be quicker in your work to focus on something specific.

    If your issue is one of anxiety, you would look at that feeling and let your mind present to you the supporting representations of that feeling. Could it be more than one event? Sure. But, let's say you have many events that are very, very similar and repeated. Do you have to do them all? No, you can take the similar ones and find a part, piece or aspect that is common with all and that you feel is very intense and just use that aspect with the CT or EEF.

    Now, do you want to detach from them? No, in fact, that's what the mind does to soften the awareness of an issue and, therefore, allow you to function with the dysfunction… then again, the subconscious assumes that is the only way you can live… the only way to survive. It's the job of your Conscious Mind to train it otherwise.

    So, yes, you must focus and the more intense the feeling when you are running the click track the better results. If you avoid the feelings, it may take longer.

    Make sense?

    * If they are too intense, work with something that is not as intense first.

    * If it is too difficult, perhaps finding a practitioner to help guide you would be best.

    * Consider the PSTEC Accelerators for several reasons: They will help you to identify the events that need the most attention as they bring them to your consciousness… also, there are two relaxation tracks that can help you in smoothing things out a bit and allowing your Mind to relax afterward and in between session.

    * You can run as many tracks as you wish, but if you are being detached, it's no wonder. When you are working deeply, it's difficult to do that many because it can be energetically draining. So, if it's too easy, it's not working very well. This is not easy work… the harder to follow the tracks and do the work, the quicker you will see the results.

    So, I know it's not pleasant, but it will pass and you will be free… I guarantee that… IF … YOU ARE CONSISTENT, PERSISTENT AND YOU TARGET PSTEC EFFECTIVELY.

    I hope that helps!