Reply To: How do you work with this when you don’t "feel"?

Jeff Harding

    Hi Russ

    I spent a little while tapping with EFT on my resistance to feeling my emotions.

    What came up for me was this.
    Why feel the emotions?
    All I remember from the past is the negative.
    Anger is destructive and violent.
    Sadness hurts.
    Any joy was always taken away.
    I don't need the pain.
    If I am numb I am safe.

    I just read your post and felt that you were given a lot of answers with doing EFT on your resistance to feeling your emotions. You could start with click tracking, what emotion? what anger? What sadness? what joy? And see what comes up. You could also say a positive statement before you use the click track saying that, ‘Whenever I use the click tracks, my subconscious mind will allow me to feel anything that I want to feel.

    Another thing that I do when I am looking for answers is to ask myself what I need to know as all the answers are inside me. Sometimes I use a pen and paper and just ask myself, ‘What do I need to know?’ And write down the first thing that comes into my mind. The other way I get answers is to ask myself before going to sleep, ‘What do I need to Know?’ and in the morning the answer is already in my mind. You could ask yourself, ‘Where are my emotions?’

    I sometimes ask my body, where in my body do I feel a particular emotion (EMOTRANCE) and emotions can be felt anywhere in the body and just asking the body will allow you to sense an emotion somewhere in the body. Sometimes my emotions are in my tears. How amazing is that? Don’t worry about getting out of your head and into your emotions. Just focus on something different and you will no longer be in your head. You could focus on any part of your body to see how that part feels.

    I hope this helps you and I wish you every success with click track.