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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Russ,

    Wonder no more… here we go! :- )

    Ok, well much of what you have written is right on and in the right direction and the intention is there as well… problem is that there are some intentions within the subconscious (sub) that are contrary, so a stalemate is the likely outcome.

    Here is one example as I see from your writing…

    An one hand it seems there is a sub belief or thought that, “Why feel the emotions? All I remember from the past is the negative. Anger is destructive and violent. Sadness hurts. Any joy was always taken away. I don't need the pain. If I am numb I am safe.”

    Then, on the other hand or through our conscious thoughts, you have, “I know in my head that if I connect with the emotions and events from the past I can clear them and find a lot more joy and fulfillment in my life…. BUT I know it can be done. And I AM going to do it.”

    Now, the last sentence is the your conscious mind's plan to use its Conscious Will to force the sub to submit and, my friend, sorry to say, my wager is on the sub. :- (

    So, if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em.

    I like some of your other conscious thoughts about…
    “I know that my subconscious mind does a good job of trying to protect me and that it wants only what is best for me.
    I know that it is a good friend and not an enemy for me to fight.
    I know that it is just working with old programs that just don't serve me anymore.
    I know that it wants to stay with what is familiar and doesn't want to change.”

    So, you see, finding harmony with the conscious and sub is Truly the ONLY sane method and, let's be honest, the only way to find permanent changes and True J.E.E.P. in Life!

    Ok… this is a little tough to do via email, so you should seriously consider finding someone that can help you along to ask the “tough questions” that will get to your sub because quite often, when we work on our own, we are asking the questions from the conscious mind and answering with the conscious mind. There is a crass way to describe that, but I won't use it here. Suffice it to say that, quite often, we are not Truly getting to the source of the issue because of this.
    I would suggest going to the PSTEC Registry and finding someone to work with… this is the kind of work that can be done over the phone so geography is not an issue per se.

    With that said, here are some suggestions to help you along with the issue of “no feelings”:

    • Consider the use of the PSTEC Accelerators… very powerful in pulling the junk up from the sub that needs to be cleared… in fact, be careful to follow the instructions very literally and carefully because misuse of them can be quite uncomfortable. But, if used correctly, you will move through your issues quickly and smoothly.
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    • If the emotions are not there or not strong, begin a more liberal use of the PSTEC Positive. This will provoke the sub to object to the Positive statement with the “counter intentions.” When they arise, use the Click Tracks to neutralize them.

      You might even use the PP with a statement around the belief that you allow your feelings and emotions freely and effortlessly from the sub and you honor and respect the sub for communicating clearly to your conscious mind.

    • You gotta be excellent at asking the tough questions (other than going to someone to help you) and that means understanding when answers are coming from your conscious mind. For example, you might ask yourself, “How do I feel about a memory about being bullied by someone?” Now, knowing that it was, say decades ago and that you went through a growth spurt a couple years later and, in fact, played sports and no one ever picked on you again, you might say, “Nah, it's fine…it all turned out ok.” You see, that's not the sub, that's the conscious mind “thinking” it's way out and using logic to “justify” ignoring it. But, it may be locked up in there because something like you said, “If I am numb I am safe.” So, you must put yourself in that memory…really put yourself there and think, if you were experiencing it now, RIGHT NOW, how would you feel. You see, another logical thought of the conscious mind is that it was past so it's not important because now I am safe from the bully.
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      So, questions that are handled properly can begin to expose the feelings and memories as well.

      Most importantly, it may take some time for you to let them through.

      Be patient… be gentle as well.

      Does that make sense and help get you on the path?